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PEMF Therapy——the Non-invasive Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a common brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness and may cause difficulty walking, maintaining balance, and coordination. Nearly one million people in the U.S. are living with Parkinson’s disease, and the number goes up to more than 10 million worldwide.

Many people may have no idea that symptoms of Parkinson’s disease usually get worse over time. It may even provoke mental and behavioral changes in patients. Nowadays, an increasing number of people have started to use PEMF Therapy as an alternative treatment for Parkinson’s disease because it is non-invasive, safe and effective.

What’s the Science Behind PEMF Therapy?

Human bodies are like batteries, which means they need certain cellular electricity to function normally. In healthy cells, the concentration of ions is different between in and out of the cell, creating a subtle but steady voltage. When people get sick, the ions are out of balance, and the cells will be lacking energy.

PEMF, also known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, transmits healing electromagnetic waves to body cells to recharge and promote natural recovery. Moreover, PEMF can boost cellular metabolism and improve your health in general. The benefits of PEMF therapy are proved in several clinical studies for dealing with several medical conditions, including knee osteoarthritis, lower back pain, multiple sclerosis, cancer, PD, AD, etc.

How Can PEMF Therapy Help with Parkinson’s Disease?

In 2008, FDA approved the use of PEMF therapy for treatment in PD patients who failed to receive satisfactory improvement from medications.

Many studies reported PEMF therapy improved cognitive functions and motor symptoms in PD patients. PEMF significantly alters the reactivity of molecules, which are also known as radicals. Inflammation can be relieved and even degeneration related to aging slows down because PEMF balances the radicals in the body.

PEMF therapy has also been proven to have promising effects on relieving depression and improving mental health with its healing frequencies.

Home PEMF Therapy Mat for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

MiraMate Big Magic is one of the most advanced PEMF mats on the market. It is popular amongst our customers because it’s effective, affordable and easy to use. Big Magic copies the natural frequency of the earth, which is called the Schumann resonance. It balances the cellular metabolism in Parkinson’s Disease patients in a natural and safe way.

Big magic works on deep nerves in the brain (the basal ganglia and the substantia nigra) to help with PD. You will receive the best results when you lay the back of your head on the mat. If you would like to do an overnight treatment, placing the mat under a thin pillow sheet would be a nice idea.

Click to learn more about MiraMate Big Magic.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, consider having PEMF therapy treatment with Big Magic as an alternative treatment. Life can be much easier for patients if they choose the right treatment.

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