MiraMate Big Magic – Chakra Mat for Health

MiraMate Big Magic is a chakra healing device, with a special mat to apply the healing energy. It is a way of introducing energy into your cells, so you can recover from chronic health conditions.

MiraMate Big Magic works by sending natural healing energy into areas of your body affected by chronic discomfort. This energy can unblock imbalanced chakras. It is optimized for persistent problems.

The mat of MiraMate Big Magic is flexible and practical. You can place it under the sheets of your bed. It’s long enough to cover your back. Or you can wrap it around your leg or other body parts where you feel discomfort.

The Science Behind Big Magic

Chakra healing is a safe and natural way to recharge your body so it can travel the path to better health.

Chakra healing targets your body to improve your health. Numerous disorders, diseases, and injuries benefit from balancing chakras. And there are none of the harmful side effects commonly associated with prescription drugs and medical procedures.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. There are seven main chakras aligned along the spine, from the base to the crown of the head. Each chakra is associated with specific physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.

Take Control of Your Chronic Conditions

Benefits Chakra Healing Offers You:

  • Effectively Relieve discomforts
  • Enhance blood circulation and metabolism
  • Achieve a deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Bring about energy and better stamina
  • Reduce inflammation quickly
  • Stimulate tissue healing and strengthen bones
  • Reduce stress and gain control over emotions
  • Promote health-related quality of life and well-being
Big Magic

"Chronic pain is not all about the body, and it's not all about the brain. It's everything. Target everything. Take back your life. "

-- Sean Mackey, MD, Phd

Chronic conditions can have a big impact on the quality of your life, and your emotional well-being. Big Magic combats this by helping you cope with the most common persistent problems. Click below to read more:

What Our Users Are Saying

Big Magic for Low Back Discomfort

Paula Quenelle“I sleep with Big Magic mat under my bottom sheet nightly for my low back. It lays from my tailbone to just below my neck. I do use a pillow or two but when I have neck issues, I use just one pillow and make sure I position myself so it is under my neck. I love it. Such help.”

Paula Quenelle

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Big Magic for  Fibromyalgia

Suzi Smith“I have fibromyalgia chronic pain and stenosis in my back. It helps a lot and seems to help the meds work better and perhaps take fewer meds. I lay on the Big Magic every night for 30 minutes or so. Sometimes I lay on it during the day as needed. It’s very nice to have a Big Magic.”

Suzi Smith

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Big Magic for Sleep and Anxiety

Chaffee Cline“I am very grateful to be using Big Magic. Very simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Laying on Big Magic allows me to have deeper sleep. I sometimes have neuropathic discomfort and anxiety from walking on my shattered left foot. I have noticed many improvements in my health.”

Chaffee Cline

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“About 2 and a half weeks after starting to use Big Magic, I got out of bed one morning, and I could feel a significant difference in the amount of pain. It was amazing! I’m so grateful for the folks that MiraMate for developing this and for making it available at a very affordable price.”

—- Catherine

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MiraMate Big Magic works by sending natural healing energy into areas of your body affected by persistent problems. This energy can help unblock chakras, improving overall health.


MiraMate Big Magic’s powerful energy prohibit its use under the following circumstances:

  • During Pregnancy
  • Non-MRI-Safe IUD
  • People or Animals with Organ Transplants
  • People or Animals with Pacemakers, Hearing Aids, Medical Pumps, or other Electrical Implants/Devices

NOTE: Non-magnetic metal rods, screws, and plates are safe for chakra healing use.

If an implant is safe for an MRI, it is safe to use Big Magic.

MiraMate Big Magic uses chakra healing and applies natural energy, so you can use it as often as you want. The duration depends on the actual ailments you want to resolve. We recommend applying Big Magic for 3 hours or more per day. You can also place the chakra healing mat under your sheet or pillowcase for overnight use.


There are no known side effects from using chakra healing. Countless scientific studies have proven balancing chakras can provide astonishing health results. It relieves numerous disorders, diseases, and injuries, without any of the side effects commonly associated with prescription drugs and medical procedures.

It’s a safe and natural way to recharge your body. It does this by targeting chakras in your body to improve your health.

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