Chakra Healing – Help Horses Relieve Pain and Improve Performance

During the war, horses have always been regarded as reliable and trusty friends in battles. Nowadays, they are great companions of us for early morning trail riding. Horses tend to experience injuries, stiffness and soreness quite often. To relieve the pain that horses endure, chakra healing is a perfect treatment. Chakra healing can help horses recover from existing injuries and stay strong and high-performing.

What Are the Benefits of Chakra Healing for Horses?

Chakra healing can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation, accelerate natural healing and promote tissue regeneration. Some of the health conditions suffered by horses that may typically be treated by chakra healing include:

 Tendon and ligament injury
 Back pain
 Chronic hock soreness
 Non-union fractures

Hoof abscesses
Stone Bruises
Non-healing wounds

Chakra healing can be used not only to treat one specific condition but also for general health maintenance. By balancing chakras for horses, we can protect them from injuries by strengthening the function of muscles and bones.

Why Is Chakra Healing So Effective for Horses?

Chakra healing has been used for several decades to help horses unwind and repair themselves to move toward an optimal state of health. Horses also share seven major chakras with humans, but they have an eighth chakra called Brachial chakra. What is also different is that the chakras of horses are aligned horizontally. According to plenty of clinical trials, chakra healing is effective in the treatment and health maintenance of horses.