MiraMate Mini Magic Is Truly Magical

Following the surgery to fix the detached retina, Maria gradually lost most of her vision. Fortunately, she found Mini Magic at her friend’s healing center and started to use it. To her surprise, just after a half-hour session at night, she found her vision improved the next morning! She kept using Mini Magic and realized it could lower her eye pressure quickly and heal her constantly. Most importantly, Mini Magic brought her a sense of self-empowerment.

Tags: eye, detached retina, eye pressure, vision loss

I am Such a Believer after Using MiraMate Mini Magic

Ileana had been fighting excruciating pain after an accident, and the usual treatment did not help. Then, a friend recommended MiraMate Mini Magic. Within 3 days of using it, she started to get relief. After a week of use on her knees, she was walking almost completely normally. Ileana also treated her dog’s dry eye and has seen some improvements too.

Tags: injury, inflammation, vision, dog, dry eye

75 to 80 % Less Discomfort After Using MiraMate Big Magic And Mini Magic

Catherine used to have spinal stenosis, and after two surgery, she got sciatica, and the pain was terrible. Fortunately, she found MiraMate. She used Big Magic for 3 months. Her pain was significantly reduced. She thought it was miraculous.

Tags: sciatica, spinal stenosis, numbness

MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Has Soothed My Mom's Pain & Revitalized Her

My mom, who’s 92 years old, sleeps on Big Magic at night and uses Mini Magic single & quad coils for health issues. MiraMate products have helped my mom a lot. Bones are holding up, no osteoporosis. 

Tags: inflammation, pain

Why Do I Recommend Everyone to Use Mini Magic?

Dr. Yole Raam is a natural health practitioner who travels a lot between the airport, the train, and the subway, which lead to physical discomfort and frequently severe headache. 

He had a noticeable effect in half an hour when he first used Mini Magic, and the headache completely disappeared after three hours.

He thinks Mini Magic is great for health care and easy to carry, especially suitable for use in travel, so he recommends everyone to use it.

Tags: professional recommendation, travel, headache

Mini Magic Helps with Chest and Heart

I came home a little stressed out after a long day of work. As I was taking deep breaths, I felt a tightness in my chest and heart.

Then I thought to put on the mini magic coils in my shirt pocket next to my chest and heart. Within 45 minutes, the tightness in my chest & heart went away. I couldn’t believe I felt so much better. I was elated and calmed down mentally.

Tags: heart, chest tightness

MiraMate Big Magic: Healing Energy for Our Whole family

We own a Mini Magic. It relieved my foot injury and my husband’s ankle injury.

Then we bought a Big Magic, which I put on the back of our recliner. Anytime any one of us is sitting there, we get ‘pulsed’ as we call it. I always feel calmed and less stressed after a ‘pulsing session.’ So do my family.

So glad we found this miracle healing device. Our whole family uses and believes in the healing power of MiraMate.

Tags: injury, stress, family use

Mini Magic Helped with Neck Condition

Ingrid suffered from serious pain in her spine and upper neck due to working for a long time on the computer and the cell phone. Luckily, MiraMate Mini Magic helped relieved the discomfort completely!

She wears a scarf around her neck and sticks the coils right into it so that they could heal her wherever she went.

She is so grateful to the MiraMate team for making this fantastic Low Field Magnetic Stimulation device available.

Tags: spinal pain, neck pain

Ray Gun Helped My Pet Duck Regain Health

Natalie is a Welsh Harlequin duck. Like other birds, its paws may get a small tear and become vulnerable to infections. There may be inflammation and swelling like a cyst too. Then the family will use Ray Gun on the injury.

Ray Gun can create ozone in the skin to help eliminate pathogens and prevent infections. The family used it for 5 minutes on the bumble daily for a couple of days, and the swelling disappeared. They also covered the face of the duck during treatments to calm it down.

Other pets can try Ray Gun for skin problems too.

Tags: duck, pet, animal, skin

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