MiraMate offers four products, including Mini Magic, Big Magic, Ray Gun, and Light Pad. Please refer to the chart to select the product(s) you need.

Big MagicMini MagicMagic ProRay GunLED Prostate Pack
Ray GunLED Prostate Pack
Price$670$219 – $275$1,920$312$349
Working theoryCharka HealingCharka HealingCharka HealingVUV light therapyLED therapy &
Chinese Acupuncture
Treatment areaWhole body (covering large areas)Whole body (covering small areas)Whole body coverageWhole body except for the
eyes and inside the mouth
Areas near the prostate
Pain Relief×
Mental Health××
Improve Metabolism×
Power supply optionsUSB power cable, power adapterLithium battery,
USB power cable, power adapter
Power adapterPower adapterPower adapter
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Using MiraMate products in combination can enhance their therapeutic effects, and we believe that our range of products can offer comprehensive pain relief solutions for all types of pain and discomfort.