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Myths and Facts about PEMF Therapy – Is it safe? Is it effective?

For people who are having a difficult time with chronic diseases, the concept ‘PEMF Therapy’ may come to their mind now and then. PEMF Therapy, which is short for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, is an alternative treatment for various types of pain and chronic diseases. However, many people still have doubts about PEMF therapy as they find it mysterious to them.

In this blog, we would like to bust some myths about PEMF Therapy for people who are curious about this topic.

Is PEMF Therapy Safe?

Yes, PEMF Therapy is completely safe for most people. It provides a natural way of recharging your body energy for better health, faster healing, and more relaxed sleep.

Our body is nurtured by Earth’s natural magnetic field every day. What PEMF does is emulate this kind of magnetic field to improve blood circulation and cell metabolism. It easily penetrates the body with a low-frequency PEMF that works like magic, and numerous disorders, diseases and injuries receive benefit from it. And what’s more, unlike some prescription drugs and medical procedures, there are no known side effects associated with PEMF therapy.

However, PEMF Therapy is not recommended under the following circumstances:

  • During pregnancy;
  • While using a non-MRI-safe IUD;
  • While carrying with organ transplants, pacemakers, hearing aids, medical pumps, or other electrical implants/devices.

Is PEMF Therapy Effective?

Yes, PEMF Therapy has been proven effective for various diseases including back pain, joint pain, broken bones, insomnia, arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.

During the last decades of development, hundreds of research studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that PEMF frequencies promote positive effects on natural healing. NASA also stated that PEMF Therapy can significantly help with cell stimulation and regeneration. It might surprise you that even some Olympic teams are using PEMF therapy to improve their athletic performance. According to a former team doctor of the US Olympic team, he noticed that some athletes “would be back the next day like robots without showing any of the effects of wearing out” after using PEMF Therapy.

Among all the PEMF devices on the market, MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic are the most advanced and trusted PEMF devices for customers all around the world. Both devices are well-known for their outstanding features and side-effect-free, painless, and effective healing results. Since the release of MiraMate Magics, they have already received thousands of testimonials. Click to read the testimonials written by MiraMate customers:

Is PEMF Therapy Expensive?

It depends on the type of device you buy. Most well-known PEMF devices are not only expensive but also huge in their size.

Fortunately, MiraMate PEMF devices provide affordable treatments that can be conducted easily at home. MiraMate’s R&D team has managed to apply the world’s leading PEMF technology to the exquisite main unit and accessories. The prices of MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic are under half of the average cost of most PEMF devices with better performances of healing.

We hope this blog has answered some of your doubts about PEMF Therapy. If you would like to receive the newest updates on PEMF, please subscribe to our newsletter to receive a weekly digest.

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