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Best Gift Ideas for Parents- PEMF Therapy Gifts

If you are wondering what gifts you should give to your parents to show them your love and care, I would recommend gifts that are actually beneficial to their health. PEMF Therapy Gifts can be your great choice. Not only can they resolve health issues in many ways, but they are also affordable and easy to use.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy is short for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, which is a safe and natural way to recharge your body for better health.

Everyone’s body is made up of 100 trillion cells, all of which are powered by electrical energy and influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field. Aging, stress, poor diet or a toxic environment may reduce the voltage in cells and lead to illness. PEMF helps with body health by emulating the Earth’s natural magnetic field, providing the cells with more energy to function normally.

How Can PEMF Therapy Benefit Your Parents?

PEMF Therapy helps your parents to sleep better. Insomnia appears to be the most common sleep disorder, with approximately 10-30% of adults are currently suffering from it. The working theory of using PEMF to treat insomnia is by stimulating the cell production of melatonin and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and thus prompts sound sleep. PEMF can also impact your circadian rhythm positively by adjusting the electrical activity of the brain through entrainment.

PEMF Therapy can relieve pains and injuries in a natural, non-invasive way. Researchers have found that PEMF therapy can increase intracellular nitric oxide release to promote the growth of blood vessels and help heal injured tissues. Moreover, PEMF can improve the production of the cells, increase internal cell stability and stimulate the healing process of damaged cells. The study results of animals also show that PEMF therapy can reduce the pain receptors in the brain. Thus, if your parents are going through unbearable pain, PEMF therapy can make them less painful.

Parkinson’s Disease can be significantly relieved by PEMF Therapy. It is common for people to have Parkinson’s Disease (PD) as they grow old. Several studies reported PEMF therapy improved cognitive functions and motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. It is also effective in improving visuospatial deficits in PD patients, as assessed by the clock-drawing test. If your parents are not troubled by PD, PEMF therapy can be just as helpful because it can help to prevent having Parkinson’s Disease by inducing healing PEMF frequencies and regulating brain waves.

Apart from the diseases mentioned above, PEMF Therapy can also help with other common health issues including headaches, stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, etc.

What PEMF Therapy Devices Should I Choose as Gifts?

MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic are the top 2 PEMF Therapy devices on the market. They apply leading-edge PEMF technology and have benefited tens of thousands of users worldwide. Both Big Magic and Mini Magic are FDA-registered devices trusted by top athletes and medical experts.

MiraMate Big Magic is perfect for chronic pains and diseases. It comes with a comfortable mat that can be placed on the bed or sofa. It is very user-friendly. If you get one for your parents, then all they need to do is to switch on, lie against the mat, leave it on for hours, and their symptoms would continuously mitigate.

On the other hand, Mini Magic is more effective in relieving acute pains and injuries. Mini Magic is a mini version of Big Magic with PEMF coils that people can use anywhere at any time. Mini Magic has 3 different power levels to suit your parents, needs. Maximum power should be used for severe pain or deep tissue damage, whereas other conditions can be healed with less power.

For parents, there is nothing sweeter than receiving a gift they actually need from their children. PEMF Therapy device is always a smart gift choice.

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