How to Help with Ganglion Cysts without Surgery?

Ganglion cysts are benign fluid-filled swellings that usually form next to joints or tendons. In most cases, ganglion cysts don’t have any severe negative impacts on people. However, cysts sometimes cause pains or difficulty in moving joints.

Although many people develop ganglion of the wrist or hand per year, few medical treatments are found effective for the health problem. Most people choose to ignore it or go through surgery when they can’t bear the pain. However, there are two safe and long-lasting treatments for ganglion cysts that do not involve surgery.

VUV Light Therapy for Ganglion Cysts

There are many causes for ganglion cysts, one of which is bacterial infections. VUV light, short for Vacuum Ultraviolet light, is effective for treating ganglion cysts caused by bacteria.

Researchers have found that VUV light can penetrate and kill bacteria and viruses living on the skin. It is perfectly safe and will not harm your live skin cells. MiraMate Ray Gun is one of the most advanced VUV light therapy devices on the market. Ray Gun creates VUV light within the gas tube and transfers it to the human body by contacting the skin. Moreover, Ray Gun creates proper nitric oxide and ozone that work together with the VUV light within cells and tissues to help fight bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections.

Many customers with ganglion cysts have been giving positive feedback on Ray Gun. Karen is one of the users who received great benefits from Ray Gun. She used Ray Gun for two weeks, and the size of her cysts reduced by much after use.

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Cold Laser Therapy for Ganglion Cysts

Cold Laser Therapy is also one of the safest treatments for ganglion cysts. It is also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation. It can deliver non-thermal photons of light to the body to help heal injured cells, and this process can significantly help with the discomfort management and anti-inflammation of ganglion cysts.

MiraMate Light Pad combines the world’s leading technology of cold laser and ancient Chinese acupuncture. The light shines through Ashi acupoints near ganglion cysts and boosts the therapeutic effects.

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If you are troubled by ganglion cysts and seeking affordable treatments with long-term beneficial effects, you would find that Ray Gun and Light Pad are both great ideas. It’s never late to start your journey of painless treatments with MiraMate.

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