Real Stories-How MiraMate Has Changed Our Lives

Over the past twenty years, MiraMate has been devoted to providing convenient, advanced and affordable medical devices for people’s health. Since the beginning of our development, we have tried our best to improve people’s health and remove their pain. We’ve received lots of positive feedback in recent years stating how MiraMate has been a game-changer for them. Some of the stories made us smile, some brought us to tears, yet all of them are genuine and worth sharing. In this blog, we would like to share two of them with you.

“Big Magic Makes Me Sleep Like a Baby”

Jeff had a spine problem that caused severe pain in the left side of his body. The pain often woke him up in the middle of the night, and sometimes he couldn’t even go to sleep because it was so painful.

After Jeff used Big Magic with PEMF Mat for a long time, his situation has improved. Jeff said, “Keep the mat under my head/neck as a pillow, and I slept like a baby every night I used it.” He would wake up feeling refreshed, and his neck remains flexible and not be bound up.

Nevertheless, the size of the PEMF Mat was still too small for Jeff. He bought the Big Magic Deluxe Mat, expecting the upgraded version would do a better job. Fortunately, it did! “It was so big that I could sleep on it, and it covers from the middle of my head all the way down to my hips.” He had the deepest sleep ever in months, and his spine and neck naturally shifted back into a healthier position after using the Big Magic Deluxe Mat. It was a miracle for Jeff because he never needed to go to the chiropractor anymore.

Jeff’s story in his own words.

“I am SO grateful for MiraMate’s products”

David’s wife was enduring challenges before she tried MiraMate. “She had six total joint replacements, two ankle fusions, and a LOT of pain,” said David. They tried a lot of methods to relieve pains and help with the symptoms. Although almost every approach failed, they didn’t give up, and that’s when MiraMate came into their lives.

They used Big Magic and Mini Magic, and David’s wife felt these had helped her. David was overwhelmed with joy that he said, “So yes, I am still on planet earth after having slept with my head on a mat and feel it has been very helpful.” That’s how a loving husband almost became a poet when he saw his wife was getting better.

David’s wife also had beautiful skin before, but the meds took their toll. Fortunately, she saw varicose veins reduced and skin problems resolved after using MiraMate Ray Gun and Flash. “So, so grateful for what MiraMate have done and to the folks who bring the information,” said David.

David’s story in his own words.(Part 1)

David’s story in his own words.(Part 2)

There are lots of people who experienced great changes in their lives after using MiraMate devices. The details of their stories may be different from what Jeff and David experienced, yet the emotions and feelings are shared in common. Most of our members are grateful and happy about MiraMate, and many of them are even actively helping others in the MiraMate community.

Welcome to join the big MiraMate family for better health! It’s never too late to take care of the health of yours and your loved ones.

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