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MiraMate LED Prostate Pack

Q: Please give a brief introduction to MiraMate LED Prostate Pack.

A: MiraMate LED Prostate Pack is a prostate treatment device that uses clinical LED technology to benefit the prostate and urinary system. No man wants to discuss their prostate health. However, many men over 50 suffer from prostate enlargement. This affects their personal lives in embarrassing ways.

LED Prostate Pack was designed based on several advanced trials which found that powerful LEDs,  if controlled correctly, can substantially improve men’s prostate condition so they can continue enjoying their life.

Q: What diseases can MiraMate LED Prostate Pack help with?

A: MiraMate LED Prostate Pack helps with different types of prostate diseases including prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), prostatic pain and urinary system diseases including urethritis, frequent urination, and urgent urination.

Q: What’s the theory behind LED Prostate Pack?

A: Blue LEDs for disinfection: Blue LED light of LED Prostate Pack activates endogenous porphyrins in cells, transferring energy with oxygen molecules.

This process produces cytotoxic singlet oxygen and reactive oxygen molecules including hydroxyl free radicals, which helps to maintain prostatic hygiene.

Red LEDs reduces inflammation: Tissue cells absorb the energy generated by the red LED light, which stimulates the activity of mitochondrial catalase, superoxide dismutase and other enzymes.

During this process, the cell metabolism is significantly increased, while blood circulation and white blood cell phagocytosis are also largely improved, which is significantly helpful in relieving inflammation, swelling and pain.

The LED lights cover acupoints including the Guanyuan acupoint, Huiyin acupoint and acupoints on the back (Shenshu, Mingmen and other core acupoints)

The Guanyuan acupoint is clinically used for urinary and reproductive system disorders, while the Huiyin acupoint is uniquely effective in regulating reproductive functions. The Huiyin acupoint is adjacent to the prostate, and the LED light can pass through the Huiyin acupoint to irradiate the prostate so that the treatment results can be enhanced.

Q:How long should I treat with Red LED and Blue LED?

A:We recommend the smart mode for most users. Under smart mode, LED Prostate Pack runs for 5 minutes in Blue Light mode and then automatically switches to a 30-minute session of Red Light mode. Blue LED is effective for disinfection, while red LED is anti-inflammatory.

You can also set your treatment plan according to your situation. However, please ensure that the treatment time with blue light mode does not exceed 5 minutes per session.

Q:What power level should be used?

A:We advise you to start from medium level, and add to the high level after 3-5 days, so it gives your body some time to get adapted to the LED light.

Q:Are there any side effects when using LED Prostate Pack?

A:No, LED therapy is one of the safest treatments in the market. However, some people may experience mild symptoms such as dry eyes, rapid pulse, or dizziness during treatment. If you feel uncomfortable, taking a break and drinking more water would help.

Q:Who can’t use LED Prostate Pack?

A:Patients who are photosensitive, diagnosed with cancer, or have a cerebral haemorrhage cannot use LED Prostate Pack.

Q:Do I need to put the multiple LED strap next to my skin?

A: Yes. You will get the best treatment results when the multiple LED strap contacts your skin. It allows your blood cells to absorb more energy from the LED light. Before each treatment, remember to gently clean the multiple LED strap with a damp cloth and alcohol to keep the device hygienic.

MiraMate Cold Laser Series(Cold Laser Wrist & Cold Laser Wrist X)

Q: Can you give us a brief introduction to Cold Laser Series?

A: We are releasing two Cold Laser Series devices: Cold Laser Wrist & Cold Laser Wrist X. They are simple to use, very classy and have lots of powerful functions. When you open the box, you will immediately see just how advanced and beautiful they are.

Cold Laser Wrist series combines the world’s leading cold laser technology with ancient acupuncture. They are effective for purifying the blood and can help with healing various blood diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat, high blood sugar levels as well as rhinitis.

Q: What diseases can Cold Laser Wrist & Cold Laser Wrist X help with?

A: Cold Laser Wrist series can help with blood diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat, high blood sugar levels, hyper viscosity, hyperlipidaemia, ischemic cardiovascular diseases, etc. Also, they can help with nose and sinus disorders such as acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, and sinusitis.

Q: What’s the theory behind Cold Laser Wrist & Cold Laser Wrist X?

A: Intravenous laser blood irradiation was accomplished for the first time approximately 25 years ago. Various in-vitro tests verified that cold laser irradiation of white blood cells caused various positive effects, particularly improved conditions of immunoglobulins, interferons and interleukins.

Q: How do Cold Laser Wrist & Cold Laser Wrist X work?

A: Red laser irradiates the nasal cavity, radial artery, ulnar artery, Neiguan acupoint and Daling acupoint, which improves the hemodynamic, blood lipid, and blood sugar metabolism through photochemical effect. As a result, the oxygen-carrying capacity and deformability of red blood cells are increased, while the blood viscosity, blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar are balanced, achieving the purpose of treating cerebrovascular diseases and other blood diseases.

At the same time, when the nasal cavity is irradiated by the laser, damaged mucosa is repaired and blood circulation around the nasal cavity is improved, which has a good therapeutic effect on acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.

Q: What’s the difference between Cold Laser Wrist & Cold Laser Wrist X?

A: Cold Laser Wrist X is the enhanced version of Cold Laser Wrist. Cold Laser Wrist X irradiates more beams of laser. Therefore, it can heal blood diseases quicker and deeper. Moreover, Cold Laser Wrist X also has LEDs which provide exclusive functions such as disinfecting, dissolving blood clots and improving cellular metabolism. Cold Laser Wrist X also has an ear laser that can help with tinnitus.

Q: How do I set the power level?

A: This product has 3 power levels: low, medium and high. We suggest that you start treating with low or medium power levels in the beginning and take a further step to the high level after 3-5 days.

Q: What time in the day should I use Cold Laser Wrist/Cold Laser Wrist X?

A: You would have the best results if you use the Cold Laser Wrist/Cold Laser Wrist X before bed. Please make sure that you clear your nasal cavity before using it.

Q: Can children use Cold Laser Series products?

A: We don’t recommend children under the age of 12 to use Cold Laser Series products. In addition, people who are pregnant, diagnosed with cancer or have a bleeding disorder should also avoid using any cold laser device.

Q: What kind of food should I have when using Cold Laser Wrist/Cold Laser Wrist X?

A: We recommend having healthy meals with a lot of vegetables and avoid greasy or spicy food.


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