Top 3 Mother’s Day Healthcare Gifts for Your Mum

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday! Have you prepared a gift for your mum yet? Some early birds may have already bought something nice for their mum. Many others are probably still deciding what would be a good present.

Hobbies and personalities may differ from person to person. However, one thing never changes. Maintaining good health is everyone’s top priority. Here are the top 3 healthcare gifts that you can get for your mother:

1. MiraMate Big Magic

Many women had their tough days when they were young, which caused them to have chronic pains or sleep disorders as they grow older. Moreover, a considerable number of them can be suffering from depression or stress from menopause.

MiraMate Big Magic is a PEMF device that can significantly help with the symptoms mentioned above. PEMF functions as a battery charger for cells in our body. It works by inducing mild magnetic electricity into damaged cells and provide the cells with more energy to heal. MiraMate Big Magic has improved sleep quality and provided pain relief for thousands of customers.

The device comes with a comfortable mat that can be placed on your bed or sofa. It is very user-friendly. If you get one for your mum, then all she needs to do is to switch on, lie against the mat, leave it on for hours, and her symptoms would continuously mitigate. The device is perfectly safe and is recommended by many authorities in the health field.

More about MiraMate Big Magic: MiraMate Big Magic – PEMF Mat For Chronic Pain And Diseases

2. MiraMate Mini Magic

MiraMate Mini Magic applies the same working theory as MiraMate Big Magic. The main difference is that the Mini Magic is the mini version with PEMF coils instead of the Big Magic mat. Mini Magic has 3 different power levels to suit your mother’s needs. Maximum power should be used for severe pain or deep tissue damage, whereas other conditions can be healed with less power.

MiraMate Mini Magic is portable so that your mum can carry it with her anywhere and uses it anytime she feels pain or stress. She can hide the coils under her scarves, in her pockets, or anywhere that is convenient and closest to the aching area.

More about MiraMate Mini Magic: MiraMate Mini Magic – Portable PEMF Device For Acute Pain And Injury

3. MiraMate Ray Gun

If your mother is a person who pays attention to her facial appearance, then MiraMate Ray Gun might be a suitable Mother’s Day gift for her. As women age, they tend to have multiple skin issues that lead to concerning skin conditions. MiraMate Ray Gun helps to improve skin conditions and heal all kinds of skin issues. Ray Gun is a VUV Light Therapy device that beams a safe yet powerful wavelength of light to kill fungi, viruses and cancer cells living on the skin.

There are three modes of Ray Gun: contact mode, angle mode and penetration mode. If your mum just wants her skin to be smoother or would like to get rid of her acne, then contact mode would be enough for her. Angle mode is for skin problems that are more serious, while penetration mode is for deep skin diseases.

More about MiraMate Ray Gun: Ray Gun – VUV Light Therapy Device For Surface And Deep Skin Issues 

Every mother deserves a great gift filled with love on Mother’s Day! If you are a mother yourself who is reading this blog, buy yourself a gift at MiraMate and start to love yourself more!

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