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PEMF Therapy for Pets and Livestock

Whether as pets or livestock, animals are very important to us. The health and well-being of animals are up to the people raising them. Just like humans, they also need regular health maintenance, to ensure their health and happiness. Unfortunately, most people tend to look for therapies only after a serious problem presents. Regular PEMF therapy for your animals as part of a healthy lifestyle can optimize their health.

What is PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy, short for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is a safe and non-invasive treatment that transmits pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to body tissues to promote healing. It has a unique ability to penetrate through the entire body, reaching deep into the joints and muscles stimulating circulation and healing.

PEMF therapy has long been used on human patients for various health issues and was approved by the FDA in 2004. In recent years, it has been utilized more and more in veterinary medicine as well. Numerous animals suffering from inflammation, muscle pain, and bone injuries benefited from PEMF therapy.

PEMF for Dogs

PEMF therapy can help your dog with their arthritis, injuries, wound healing, cancers, circulatory disease, fractures, spinal cord injuries, allergies, aging, etc. It is very safe and effective, your dog won’t know they’re in therapy, but the relief they feel will be real.

In 2010, researchers at the University of Bologna conducted a study on the effects of PEMF therapy on dogs with osteoarthritis. A majority of the dogs that took PEMF treatment showed dramatic improvements in mobility and pain relief only halfway through the study.

PEMF for Horses

For decades, PEMF therapy has been used on racehorses with broken bones, spinal injuries and arthritis for recovery. It can also be used for general health maintenance of horses because regular PEMF therapy can strengthen their function of muscles and bones.

PEMF therapy can help the horses with problems that can not be easily dealt with by other methods. Particularly, PEMF has the ability to penetrate the hoof wall, promoting circulation not only in the laminae but also deep inside the hoof.

PEMF for Cattle

Cattle are bred for their size. Because of this, the weight adds strain to areas from their hips all the way down to the legs and tendons. Studies showed that PEMF has the potential to improve calcium and collagen production for those tendons and joints, therefore providing natural support for healthy joint and cartilage function.

Also, PEMF therapy can be helpful for treating udder problems of cows for immobilization and regulating milk protein content.

Best PEMF Mat for Animals

For those who are interested in a more natural form of treatment rather than medications, PEMF is a good option. MiraMate Big Magic is one of the best PEMF devices on the market. It copies the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz, which is the natural earth frequency. Also, the device is very easy to use with its comfortable mat. You can either wrap the mat around the animal or put the animal on the mat for treatment.

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