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How Does Ray Gun Work

How Does Ray Gun Work

Ray Gun is MiraMate’s next-generation VUV light device, designed to treat many kinds of surface and deep skin issues more effectively and safely. It can also benefit plants and kill mold spots on walls.

Ray Gun creates VUV light within the gas tube. The bandwidth of light is very narrow; 221 nm to 223 nm. The photons of this light are powerful enough to kill fungi, viruses and cancer cells living on the skin. Yet it is safe. The dead skin layer on the human body almost completely absorbs VUV radiation, so VUV will not harm normal skin cells. What’s more, VUV photons set off a chemical reaction to create proper nitric oxide and ozone within cells and tissues, which can work together to help various skin conditions.

Nitric oxide can clear bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. Healthy cells thrive on oxygen and can’t live without it. Disease-causing nasties like bacteria, fungi, parasites and microbes are anaerobic, and die in the presence of oxygen. Ozone is a powerful, activated form of oxygen. The ozone produced kills anaerobic organisms, without affecting healthy cells.

In angle mode, Ray Gun can produce a large amount of ozone, nitric oxide, as well as local heat. All these combined can help get rid of skin conditions more effectively than contact mode alone.

In addition, Ray Gun forms a microscopic secondary ionization layer between the gas tube and the target skin. Current flows between the tube and the target. You can increase this current by placing an earthing pad on the opposite side of the target area. This increases the amount of ozone and nitric oxide, and more importantly, allows pathogen-disabling compounds to travel deeper into the body to reach problem areas. All without harming healthy cells.

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