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How to Use MiraMate Ray Gun

How to Use MiraMate Ray Gun

Ray Gun is MiraMate’s next-generation VUV light device, designed to treat many kinds of surface and deep skin issues more effectively and safely. In this blog, we will show you how to use this exciting new product for the best results.

Basic Operation

Step 1: Fully insert the gas tube carefully into the Ray Gun head. Be careful when installing the gas tube as it is fragile and may break if too much force is applied.
Basic Operation-1
Step 2: Connect the power adapter into the Ray Gun power socket. Plug the other end of the power adapter into the mains power source. An LED light in the handle will illuminate when Ray Gun receives power.
Basic Operation-2
Step 3: Wear UV protective glasses before using Ray Gun.
Basic Operation-3
Step 4: Place the tube directly on the problem area, and gently press the trigger for the desired treatment duration. You will hear a high-pitched buzzing noise. Release the trigger to stop the treatment. It is recommended to use Ray Gun for 2 minutes (no more than 5 minutes) on each lesion area once or twice a day.
Basic Operation-4

Mode Selection

Depending on the location and type of disease, Ray Gun has three modes for you to choose from.

1. Contact Mode
Place the tube directly on the problem area and pull the trigger.

For sensitive skin and small skin problems, it is best to use this mode. The bandwidth of the light is very narrow, with almost no dangerous UV light being produced. VUV light will not harm skin or healthy cells.
Contact Mode
2. Angle Mode
Place the edge of the tube to touch the skin, and slowly move the tube across the target area.

This mode is recommended for non-sensitive skin. It provides a higher treatment efficiency because an arc will form around the edges. The arc is a form of cold plasma which creates more nitrous oxide and ozone. This mode has higher power than contact mode because the energy is more focused.
Angle Mode
3. Penetration Mode
This mode uses an earthing pad to increase the power and penetration of treatments. Plug one end of the earthing cable into the little hole next to the power supply at the base of the handle. Plug other end of the cable into the earthing pad.
Penetration Mode-2
Place the gun tube directly against the skin. Position the earthing pad on the opposite side of the problem area.

This mode can be used in combination with the other two modes.
Penetration Mode
Important Notes:
1. Wear UV protection glasses during use. Do not look at the light directly or use Ray Gun on your eyes or eyelids.

2. Place the earthing pad on clean, dry skin. Choose a location which does not have too much hair. If necessary, remove excess hair with a shaver.

3. Do not place the earthing pad near the heart or head.

It does not matter how far away the earthing pad is from the problem area.

Cleaning the VUV Gas Tube

You can remove the tube from Ray Gun and clean the tube using a cloth damped with alcohol, water, or other cleaning solution. Use a soft cleaning cloth or tissue to dry the tube after cleaning. Make sure the gas tube is completely dry before use.

Have you learned how to operate MiraMate Ray Gun now?

If you have any questions about MiraMate Ray Gun, welcome to comment below.

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