3 New MiraMate Products Coming in May

We are so excited today because we are about to announce the big news! MiraMate family is welcoming three new advanced therapy devices in May! They are MiraMate Prostate Pack, MiraMate Cold Laser Wrist, and MiraMate Cold Laser Wrist X. Cannot wait to see what they actually are? Let us take the first glimpse now!

MiraMate Prostate Pack was modelled on startling trials that found powerful LEDs if controlled correctly, can substantially reduce prostate enlargement, giving your prostate (and you) a new lease of life.

Our MiraMate Prostate Pack consists of two lights. The blue light is for sterilization and the red light for anti-inflammation. Studies have shown that aiming red light on Guan Yuan acupuncture point can significantly relieve prostatic symptoms. If you suffer from prostatic problems such as difficulty urinating, frequent urination, or nocturnal polyuria, you should definitely try this pack.

Your favorite Cold Laser Light Pad has also found two sisters: Cold Laser Wrist and Cold Laser Wrist X. They can purify your blood by shining cold lasers on acupuncture points, regulating your blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fat, and blood cholesterol. The X version has 20 irradiation points instead of 11 in the regular one, thus carrying stronger healing power.

New Products Sale
Time: May 20th to June 20th
Discount: 20% off

ProductOriginal PriceSale Price
Prostate Pack$439$351
Cold Laser Wrist X$349$279
Cold Laser Wrist X$219$175

Important notes:

  • Cancer patients, pregnant women, and children below 12 should not use these devices.
  • We recommend avoiding oily and spicy food during treatment.
  • We recommend starting from low-power level so your body can get used to the light. You can increase power level after 3-5 days of treatment.
  • To receive the best result, you should place the device underneath your clothes.

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