I have a ray gun and absolutely love it.

Ray Gun for Acne

Hi my name is Karine.

I have a ray gun and absolutely love it.

I have 2 teenagers who suffer with acne. One in particular is quiet severe. His acne was giving him pain from the inflammation. With swelling and very red acne. We did one treatment with the ray gun on a angle all over his face and particularly over the inflamed area.

My son was over the moon. The pain disapeared as soon as we finished the treatment. The redness diminished soon after and the next morning you could see a huge difference. The redmess and inflamation was gone. After another treatment it went even better and the acne was drying up. His teachers and school mate’s noticed a huge difference with his skin. They were all asking what he was using.

My son at first was very skeptical but now loves the ray gun and asks to it. Having clearer skin has boosted his self confidence.

My daughter also loves the ray gun and asks to use it. It also has made a difference to her skin.

It is a amazing product to reduce inflamation for skin conditions.

Thank you so much for a amazing product the Ray Gun.

Thank you.

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