Healing energy for our whole family

Ankle Pain

We initially bought a Mini Magic a couple years ago after researching different therapies and healing modalities in helping our son with autism. I used it on myself one night after I had a foot injury – I could barely put weight on it and was in a lot of pain. I used the Mini Magic on it, remembering that it could heal bone, and was pleasantly surprised when I awoke the next morning without any pain! I couldn’t believe it – my foot was better! My husband had an injury on his ankle a few weeks later, so I had him use the Mini Magic on it as well, and he had the same healing reaction that I had! I knew we were on to something, so we continued to use it regularly with my family when any of us needed healing. I recently bought a Big Magic, because I attended an online summit with doctors who use alternative means for healing, and one of them recommended it. We leave it on the chair back of our recliner, so anytime any one of us is sitting there, we get ‘pulsed’ as we call it. I always feel calmed and less stressed after a ‘pulsing session.’ We recently had a bad cold/flu go through each one of us in our family. Each of us slept on the mat during the 1-2 nights of intensity of the illness to help us feel better. So glad we found this miracle healing device. Our whole family uses and believes in the healing power of Miramate.

Healing energy for our whole family
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