Ray gun is a great tool for treating animal’s infections.


I had interest in the Ray gun for myself, and didn’t have an urgent need to get one immediately, but when one of my pets got a condition, it prompted me to buy one. I raise ducks, and ducks and chickens often get a condition known as bumble foot. It is where the bottom of their foot gets a micro-tear and bacteria, etc. gets in and infects the foot causing a lesion that can make it difficult for the bird to walk. Bumble foot can even be fatal it the infection is left go, and if the lesion gets big, it has to be lanced and antibiotics are normally given to the animal. I got my Ray gun and started treating my duck’s foot twice/day with two minute treatments. Three days later, the lesion was next to nothing, and five days later the lesion was gone (I have read that bumble foot can take a month to go away). I am familiar with ozone, since I own a medical ozone generator, and I could smell the ozone right away when using the Ray gun. That alone told me this might work real well, since ozone will kill bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. What is good about this device compared to other topical treatments is that it can penetrate deeper into the tissue where other things like iodine, silver, etc. might not get to, plus you don’t have to wrap the area or worry about some cream or liquid wearing off. Although, I did both, put the antibacterial lotions on at night for her when I know she would not be running around, plus I could keep it wrapped. Anyway, I am excited about this product. I think it is only the beginning of learning what this device can be used for, and hopefully it will solve many health issues, skin and otherwise.

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