Use Mini Magic to relieve pain and Flash to clear fungus on the toe

Arm Pain

I fell in my hallway and thought I broke my arm. The pain was so intense all I could do is I sit and go to the hospital in my pajamas. After x-ray my arm to ensure I did not have a break I came home and was in such agony. I remembered my mini magic and put it on my wrist and arm for half hour each. The following morning the pain was gone. I continue to use it a half hour each day that week. After a week’s time I had full use of my arm and rest. And after 2 weeks it was completely back to normal. It took longer for my bruises to heal then for the pain and function to return. I’m very impressed and would recommend this product to anyone.

Fungus on my big toe. After using flash several times a week for three weeks it is completely gone.

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