Spooky2 8th Anniversary: MiraMate Free Shipping Activity

Spooky2 8th Anniversary: MiraMate Free Shipping Activity

We’re very proud and pleased to announce that the 8th birthday of MiraMate’s sibling – Spooky2 is coming soon.

Over the past eight years, Spooky2 has always been helping people to heal and eliminate their illnesses. It has been the mission of Spooky2 since the beginning. Spooky2 is still trying to help more people to alleviate their pain.

MiraMate and Spooky2 aim to provide our users with the technology to heal themselves and embrace a happy, healthy and energized life. Looking back on what MiraMate and Spooky2 have achieved, we are very proud and grateful for all the support we received. Thank you all for trusting MiraMate and Spooky2. We will continue working hard to bring better products and services.

This year, we are having a special activity to celebrate Spooky2’s 8th birthday with our friends!

Free Shipping

Time: From 9:00 a.m. April 1st to 6:00 p.m. April 30th, 2021 (UTC+8)

If you order PEMF kit, Essential kit, Mini Magic, Big Magic, Flash, Ray Gun and Light Pad on, we will send them to you with free shipping.

You can also visit Spooky2 website to learn more about Spooky2 Anniversary SALE with lots of gifts and discounts:

For your convenience, we have converted the activity period to your local time zone:

  • New York, USA (UTC-4): From 9:00 PM March 31st to 6:00 AM April 30th
  • Vancouver, Canada (UTC-7): From 6:00 PM March 31st to 3:00 AM April 30th
  • Sydney, Australia (UTC+11): From 12:00 noon April 1st to 8:00 PM April 30th
  • London, United Kingdom (UTC+1): From 02:00 AM April 1st to 11:00 AM April 30th
  • Berlin, Germany (UTC+2): From 03:00 AM April 1st to 12:00 noon April 30th

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] We are glad to help you out!

2 thoughts on “Spooky2 8th Anniversary: MiraMate Free Shipping Activity

  1. Suraj says:


    Can you deliver to Pakistan? If yes what are the charges and what if the customs in Pakistan stop arrival of the cargo? As I understand they can impose customs fees upto a certain $ level.

    1. MiraMate says:

      Hi Suraj, thank you for reaching to us:) Yes, we can deliver to Pakistan. And we would try our best to cut the costs that happen during transportation. If you would like to talk into details, please contact our salesperson through email:[email protected]

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