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PEMF Therapy for Weight Loss

By : on : December 7, 2018 comments : (0)

Nowadays, a lot of people struggle to lose weight. If you are one of them and have taken medicine, done exercise, or even been on a diet to lose your weight but have no results, you’d better try PEMF Therapy.

Before exploring how PEMF Therapy can help with weight loss, let’s talk about why traditional ways such as exercises don’t work and why it’s quite difficult to burn fat in some stubborn areas (stomach, low back areas, thighs and hips).

Due to poor blood flowing of the stubborn areas, fatty acids released from the cells will fail to enter into the blood stream to be burned. They will eventually be redeposited into the fat cells and essentially locked in that area. Even you are doing exercises or on a diet to lose weight, very little fat from those stubborn areas are burned.

According to a new research, improved circulation might be the main key to burn fat of those stubborn areas. And that’s why we recommend PEMF Therapy for weight loss today.

How can PEMF therapy help with weight loss?

Because the capillaries only allow one red blood cell at a time, it’s easier to result in the clumps of red blood cell. PEMF can increase the cellular charge to improve the red blood cell separation, helping the blood flow better through the capillaries.

On the other hand, PEMF helps dilate the blood vessels which promote the blood flows into fatty areas. Those fatty acids clumped in the stubborn areas can be dumped into the capillaries, then the fat can be burned as energy and flow to where your body needs.

It has also been proven that PEMF can lower the surface tension of water, and it’s helping to emulsify the fat. The more the fat is emulsified, the more it is released from the fat cells.

Why choose Mini Magic for weight loss?

Mini Magic, as one of MiraMate PEMF devices, has been designed to be delightfully portable. You can enjoy full freedom of movement while you are using it. The portability of Mini Magic also allows you to use it while driving, working, shopping and sleeping. You can even wear Mini Magic when you are doing exercises. Mini Magic fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. You can target fat loss by putting the coils on specific fatty areas of your body. That will have your blood vessels widen and let more blood flow into those fatty areas.

Besides the improved circulation, Mini Magic can help with weight loss in many ways. For example, it can increase metabolism by charging cells. Cells in your body are like tiny generated batteries. You get fatigue when your cells are in low energy and over time they will stack up like coins to slow down the metabolism. Then weight loss becomes more difficult, at the same time weight gain is easier. Mini Magic can also give you more energy to do exercise. If you have any kind of injury in the exercise, it can help your body to heal and regenerate in a short period of time.

Surely, Mini Magic is a tool to amplify fat loss effect from diet and exercise rather than a tool to lose fat itself. If you want to get the best results, do all three together: diet, exercise, and Mini Magic.

Do you want to get rid of the hard-to-burn fat? Mini Magic is your best choice.




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