6 Things You Should Know About Using MiraMate Magic

6 Things You Should Know About Using MiraMate Magic

1. Mini Magic and Big Magic are advanced Chakra improving devices designed to reduce pain and discomfort anywhere and anytime. The Chakra improving of Mini Magic and Big Magic prohibits their use for pregnant women, people with organ transplants, non-MRI-safe IUD, pacemakers, hearing aids, medical pumps or other implanted electrical devices. Non-magnetic metal rods, screws, and plates are safe for Chakra improving use. If an implant is safe for an MRI, it is safe to use Mini Magic and Big Magic.

2. There are several options to supply power to Mini Magic and Big Magic. You can choose the power option which best suits your needs. For people who choose mains power, please use a 5v power adapter for Mini Magic and Big Magic, avoiding damage caused by overcharge or malfunction due to insufficient power supply. In addition to mains power, Mini Magic users can also choose a 9v battery or portable power supply. It is important to take the 9v battery out while using the portable power supply or mains power. If you leave the battery inside, Mini Magic will take the power from the battery first.

3. We can connect Single Coil and Quad Coil to Mini Magic for treatment. The Quad Coil has eight separate coils that cleverly combined to give four times the power of the Single Coil, so it is perfect for pain reduction and injury recovery of larger areas. It is worth noting that the coil plug needs to be fully inserted into the socket to receive Chakra improving treatment correctly.

After the treatment, you can wrap the coil wire around the main unit. There is no need to pull the coil out. You can store your Mini Magic with main unit and coil into the velvet bag. If you have both Single Coil and Quad Coil, we recommend pulling it out through the plug, not the wire when you need to change the coil.

Single coils and Quad coils are the wear parts and consumables of Mini Magic, so we recommend replacing them every three months.


4. There are two sides for Mini Magic coils. One side is smooth and another side is bumpy. The coils must always have the smooth side touching the skin. There are three different options for positioning the coils. One of the options is to stack them on top of each other. The bumps of the coils must face each other.


You can use either side of the Big Magic mat to face the skin because the signal reverses during use anyway. However, it is more comfortable to have the power wire to enter the mat from underneath.

5. The Mini Magic coils make a tiny ticking sound when they are placed on top of each other. This can be difficult to hear, so we provide a Coil Tester. When you place the coils individually on top of the Coil Tester, the red lights should flash regularly during operation.


You can also place the Coil Tester in the middle of the Big Magic mat, and the red lights should flash rapidly during operation.

Coil Tester Position

6. Though the material of Big Magic Chakra improving mat is waterproof, the mat itself cannot be soaked into water. You can clean the main unit and the Chakra improving mat with a damp cloth, and wait for them to dry before use.

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