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LFMS Therapy for Leg Pain

Most people experience leg pain at some point in their lives, but only a few take it seriously and ask for medical help because usually, the pain will subside within a few days. However, leg pain that lasts for more than two weeks could be a signal from your body, indicating a more severe condition. Continuing to ignore the problem could be a huge mistake. Therefore, it is critical to understand the cause of your leg pain and how to deal with it.

Causes of leg pain

There are many causes of leg pain. Traumatic causes include sports injuries. Others may relate to problems in the blood vessels, nerves, muscles, joints, soft tissues, or bones, which can be classified into the following three categories:
Musculoskeletal pain: If you strain your muscle, tendon, or ligament, for example, during a fall, the pain is musculoskeletal. Another example of musculoskeletal pain is arthritis, an autoimmune disease that affects the hip, knee, or ankle.
Vascular pain: Causes include peripheral artery disease (PAD), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), cellulitis, infections, varicose veins, and eczema. This type of pain often stimulates discoloration of the skin.
Neurological pain: Conditions include restless legs syndrome, neuropathy or nerve damage, and sciatic nerve pain. It is usually tormenting since you will even feel it during sleep.

Why do you feel leg pain?

What is Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy?

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy is also known as low field magnetic stimulation therapy. It enhances self-healing and wellness by promoting cellular communication. Most importantly, it is completely safe and does not cause any side effects.

In recent years, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy has become increasingly popular. Many patients struggling with various conditions have received benefits from Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy.

How does Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy work for leg pain?

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy affects cellular behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within cells. Increasing microcirculation improves blood and oxygen supply to tissues and cells and promotes cell production, therefore helping to reduce pain quickly.

For treating sports injuries, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy stimulates the body to repair damaged tissue, speed up the healing process, and reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.

In addition, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy improves peripheral circulation and oxygenation, promoting better transportation of nutrients. For people with varicose veins, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation relieves pain quickly, and there is much less fatigue in the legs. The increased circulation also helps nerve and tissue repair and regeneration.

Relieve your leg pain with MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices

First let’s have a look at how MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Kit helped one of our customers relieve leg pain caused by varicose veins:

I ordered MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Kit in hopes that it could help my aching legs. I have stood on my feet for 30 years for a living and my legs have varicose veins and I think that is part of what makes my legs hurt. In fact, it was hard to sleep because of my leg aching. The first night using Big Magic was a blessed relief, I slept through the night and got up without my legs aching. I am a week and a half using it and my legs still get tired after standing all day on them, but they aren’t aching continually like they were. I almost cried when I woke up the from the first night sleeping well and legs feeling better. I have used Mini Magic here and there on my body and it is amazing, because while you don’t feel like anything is coming from unit, after a short bit, you aren’t hurting anymore. I am so so so happy I made this investment for my well-being. Thank you MiraMate!

MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Kit offers you the most advanced Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices on the market—MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic, at a much lower price than buying the two devices separately. Both devices are great for relieving leg pain. And you can use them together for better results without needing to worry about them interfering with each other.

Big Magic has a flexible and practical mat to apply the natural magnetic pulses, long enough to cover your entire leg. You can wrap it around your leg for long-term treatment.

Mini Magic is a portable device designed to reduce minor pain at anywhere, anytime. It is perfect for relieving leg pain from acute injuries. You may simply place the coils of Mini Magic on the area where you feel pain, and you will find great relief within a short period.

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