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How long does MiraMate take effect?

If you have heard about PEMF therapy online or from your doctor, you must know about its magical effects.

PEMF therapy, short for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, is an alternative therapy for various pain and diseases. The low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field penetrates our body easily. Our body is nurtured by these fields, and our cells regain their positive charge. Hundreds of research studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that PEMF frequencies promote positive effects on natural healing.

Among all the PEMF devices on the market, MiraMate Mini Magic and Big Magic are the most advanced and trusted ones praised by customers worldwide. Both devices are well-known for their outstanding features and effective healing results.

Now you may ask, how long does it take to feel the results from MiraMate PEMF devices? Well, that depends on the condition you have. We will explain in detail below.

Acute conditions—MiraMate Mini Magic

Acute conditions usually occur of a sudden, such as sports injuries. Mini Magic has a magnetic field strength of 200 gausses, perfect for short-term treatments with excellent results. In addition, the miniature computer inside Mini Magic can calculate perfectly timed magnetic pulses, helping your body overcome pain and injury within a short period. Some customers even reported that they felt immediate relief soon after the treatment.

If you don’t see positive results in a short time, allow 1-2 hours of therapy session per day for a week. Mini Magic is designed to be small and portable, and you can use it anywhere, anytime.

“Don’t forget your MiraMate equipment! I woke up with a burning pain down the side of my leg below the knee. My first thought went to my MicroGen. Then, I remembered that I had loaned it to my daughter-in-law for that which shall not be named. My leg was hurting so badly. I got my Mini Magic out and placed a coil at each end of the pain. Within thirty minutes, the pain was gone! We have so many wonderful devices to help us take control of our health. Thank you, John White and team.”

Chronic conditions—MiraMate Big Magic

Chronic conditions refer to health problems that have troubled you over a long period and won’t go away easily. Some examples are arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, etc. These conditions take a longer time to recover. Fortunately, Big Magic is good at solving them.

The total magnetic field strength of Big Magic is 2,500 gausses. The magnetic flux density is approximately 80 gausses at high power and around 25 gausses at low power. Compared with Mini Magic, the low intensity of Big Magic is more suitable for long-term treatments.

Generally, you can see improvements in several days or even as long as a month. But please note that as the conditions vary depending on the individual, sometimes it can take longer to see positive results. Big Magic is safe to use even if you have no health conditions. Put the mat under your sheets before you go to bed, and you will feel much more energized when you wake up in the morning.

“I have been using this for about a week now to treat very debilitating arthritis. The results are truly magical. From hardly being able to walk at all, I can now go for short walks with no pain at all. I am sure that, as long as I keep up my exercise regime, I will soon be able to walk much further along our lovely Esplanade! Truly worth every penny! I highly recommend this product.”MiraMate Big Magic for chronic conditions

Based on the above information, you may have a clearer understanding of MiraMate Mini Magic and Big Magic. Choose the most suitable one according to your own health conditions, and you will surely be surprised by the results you get.

You can also use Mini Magic and Big Magic together for better therapeutic effects, as they don’t interfere with each other. Ideally, you can use Mini Magic during the day and switch to Big Magic at night.

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