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How Can MiraMate Help Animals?

How Can MiraMate Help Animals

As a natural alternative therapy, MiraMate’s Low Field Magnetic Stimulation products can fundamentally repair the human body from the cellular level, fortify the immune system, and help us build a healthy physical and mental state. And the Ray Gun focuses on skin restoration. Can animals enjoy the health benefits of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation and Ray Gun like humans?

The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at some user feedback.

Customer Reviews: MiraMate for Pets

Feedback 1

“Mini Magic has healed me and helped my dog with arthritis. I am keen to promote this product to set up healing centers using this and other alternative care products. I strongly believe that this can cause so much good for people. Thank you again for the wonderful product.”

Feedback 2

“The Ray Gun can benefit the whole family. I wished I would have had one when I had my dog. It would have been great for some of the infections that a lot of dogs and cats get. I have never thought it could be used on ducks, etc. I think the Ray Gun is a must-have for topical treatments. A wonderful device.”

Feedback 3

“My little dog, Tito, suffers from dry eye. Right now, I’m spending about $160 a month to treat this little guy’s dry eyes. He just gets his Mini Magic treatment for about 5 minutes. That’s it, and I have seen some improvement. Even if I’m a little late on his medications, his eyes will not dry out as much.”

Feedback 4

“I love the Big Magic mat. I use it every morning during my meditation practice. I’ve noticed that my cats love it too! When I forget to turn it off, I will find a few of my cats sleeping on top of the Big Magic later. Thank you for this product!”

How Can MiraMate Help Animals?

MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic use a safe and effective low field magnetic stimulation to energize the cells. They can increase cellular metabolism and promote self-healing for humans and animals alike. Since they are non-invasive and natural, they will not cause stress in animals either. Therefore, they can help relieve pain and inflammations in animals as well.

Ray Gun uses the most advanced VUV technology. Its photos will only kill pathogens but never hurt normal skin cells. It can also induce a chemical reaction to create proper nitric oxide and ozone within tissues to help improve various skin conditions. Because animal skin cells are similar to human skin cells, Ray Gun can work on animal skin too.

Animals are our good friends. When they are sick, we will be very anxious and spend a lot of time and money to help them recover. Luckily, MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices and Ray Gun can improve most animal conditions safely and effectively. As long as the products are properly maintained, they can be used for a long time. And you will not need to worry about your health or your little buddy’s.

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