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Why Is Chronic Pain Worse at Night?

Many people suffer from chronic pain due to aging, injuries, or work tasks. Indeed, it often interferes with people’s daily activities and makes our life miserable. We tend to feel less pain during the day, and it usually gets more unbearable at night. But have you ever wondered why it happens?

What Is Chronic Pain?

If pain lasts more than three months, it is considered chronic. The pain can come and go and happen anywhere in the body. About 20% of Americans suffer from chronic pain.

While chronic pain may not be deadly, it can seriously lower your life quality. It can lead to depression, anxiety, and sleep problems, which, in turn, can make your pain more severe.

MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Big Magic can help relieve chronic pain

Why Is Chronic Pain Worse at Night?

Many of us may find our pain worsens at night, and this is not our illusion. Here are some possible explanations:

  1. During the day, people are usually occupied and need to pay more attention to their work or activities. Consequently, even when pain occurs, they may not notice it. At night, however, their minds become relaxed, and the nerves will perceive the pain signal more clearly.
  2. Blood circulation and metabolism usually slow down at night, and so do the production of anti-inflammatory hormones. With fewer hormones to fight the inflammation, the pain will become more prominent during nighttime.
  3. New research has shown that pain may also follow a circadian rhythm, and some people, unfortunately, have the pain clock ring more at night.
  4. Insufficient sleep will make people less tolerant of pain. Yet chronic pain often causes sleep problems, and the patients cannot have enough sleep. As a result, it becomes a negative feedback loop.

Ways to Relieve Pain and Improve Sleep at Night

Take a warm shower or footbath
Warm water is always soothing. A warm shower or footbath can help you relax and improve your circulation, which can help control inflammation and pain.

Prepare a Comfortable Sleep Environment
A cozy environment can help you rest and sleep. A comfortable bed and pillows and a 20℃ temperature can help with the pain.

Change Your Thinking Pattern
Patients with chronic pain are often concerned and anxious about recurrence, and this fear may make the pain worse. Reversing your attitude to pain can indeed alleviate it. Remind yourself that the pain will go away soon when it flares up. It is difficult to change your mindset, but you can become more used to positive thinking after some practice.

MiraMate for Chronic Pain

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy is very effective in pain relief. It can increase cellular metabolism and stimulate tissue repair. MiraMate uses the most advanced Low Field Magnetic Stimulation technology, and its star products, Mini Magic and Big Magic, have helped thousands of users mitigate their pain.

Big Magic excels in alleviating chronic pain. It uses Schumann Resonance, the natural earth frequency, to help the body heal. You can place its big Low Field Magnetic Stimulation mat on your bed and sleep on it or put it on your chair and sit on it while reading your favorite book. If you have sleep problems with chronic pain, Big Magic is a must-have because it can make you sleep better too.

Many users have used Big Magic to mitigate their pain. Here is one example:

miramate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation device big magic user review

“We’ve had a Big Magic for almost 2 years. My husband has an autoimmune disease and sleeps on Big Magic every night. It has kept his joints pain-free and helped him sleep well!”

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