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Great Relief of Sciatica with PEMF Therapy

Catherine is 67 years old. She has spinal stenosis and has had two surgeries on her spine. But the result of that was sciatica and paresthesia, which caused pain, numbness, and discoordination. The surgery also caused a fair amount of lower back pain, which months and months of physical therapy and many weeks of chiropractor did nothing. However, just about a month after she started using PEMF products, her pain was incredibly relieved.

If you or someone you know have intractable pain the way she did and are seeking treatment to help, maybe it is time to try PEMF therapy and see for yourself.

How much do you know about sciatica?

Before discussing the ways to relieve sciatica, we should understand what it is and why it occurs.

The sciatic nerve branches out from the spine to the buttock and goes down to the back of each leg. Then, it divides into the thigh, calf, foot, and eventually the toes. As the longest and widest nerve in your body, if the sciatic nerve is injured, it can cause a sharp pain in the leg, making walking or standing difficult.

Sciatica occurs when there are pinched nerves from spinal stenosis, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, or general aging. Pregnancy, scar tissue, muscle strain, spinal tumors, and infections may also trigger pinched nerves.

Why do you get sciatica?

Why is PEMF therapy helpful in relieving sciatica?

Generally, the traditional ways to relieve sciatica include chiropractic, medication, and surgery. However, these methods are not always convincing. Most of them only treat the symptoms without dealing with the cause and may even bring harmful side effects. However, if you decide not to live with these high expenses and aftereffects of traditional therapies, maybe it’s time to try PEMF therapy!

PEMF therapy is a new alternative therapy proven to help relieve various types of pain, including sciatica, with no side effects. It stimulates nerve reception and regeneration and the production of natural endorphins to relieve pain and the underlying cause. It works by sending healing frequencies into your body to recharge your cells, reduce inflammation, rebuild cartilage, repair scar tissue and muscle strains, reduce tumors, and regenerate nerves.

Big Magic - your best choice for PEMF products

MiraMate Big Magic is an affordable PEMF machine for sciatica. It comes with a comfortable mat and has been optimized for long-term treatments. It is safe enough for daily health maintenance even if you have no problems.

Generally speaking, you can see improvements within several weeks or a few months. Catherine reported a significant reduction in pain about 2 and a half weeks after she started using it, and after a month, her pain was 75% to 80% less than before.

Catherine placed the Big Magic mat on the chair to sit on during the day and slept on it in the evening. If you have similar problems bothering you at the moment, try MiraMate Big Magic, and let’s wait for the pain to disappear.

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