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What is SPCA?

SPCA, (Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, with 32 centers across the country and over 34,000 animals coming through its centers each year. Its main purpose is to advance animal welfare and prevent cruelty.

Over the decades, SPCA has been known as many things, such as the ‘Police Force of the animal world’ or the ‘guardian of sentient creatures’ and many of these descriptions still stand true. But it is safe to say their biggest shift over the years has been from expanding the scope of work from safeguarding animals, to preventing animal abuse before it happens.

SPCA’s Purpose

Prevent Cruelty

SPCA believes that engaging, educating, and building relationships with our communities and government is key to improving animal welfare in New Zealand. Just like humans, every animal deserves to receive love and respect.

They help prevent cruelty to animals in a number of ways, such as providing educational resources for children and adults, helping owners to desex their animals, working with offenders and at-risk communities, and engaging with the government and industry to advocate for changes that improve animal welfare.

Educate & Engage

Every year, thousands of abused, neglected, and injured animals arrive in SPCA’s care. To stop this trend, SPCA developed a free education program that aims to improve animal lives by nurturing the young hearts and minds of Aotearoa, New Zealand. After 150 years of development, they now have a mature education system for children, adopters, and teachers. SPCA even has its own published storybooks.

Animal Rescue

SPCA Inspectors, Field Officers, and rescue teams work on the front line every day, rescuing animals who have been in an accident, abused, neglected, abandoned, or caught up in a natural disaster. There are thousands of animals around New Zealand who find themselves in harm’s way each year. These animals need someone to intervene on their behalf, rescue and care for them, and to ensure they can live the life they deserve.

Desexing Animals

Each year, thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies are brought to SPCA. They’re found wandering the streets as strays or surrendered when owners don’t want them anymore. Desexing and responsible ownership are the only way to address the cause of unwanted animals being born, abused, and neglected. By stopping unwanted births of kittens and puppies, we can prevent SPCA from being the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’.

To combat this, SPCA has invested in a focussed desexing strategy to really make an impact. They combine short-term desexing campaigns in the communities with long-term education and attitudinal change programs for the best outcome.

SPCA has been around for 150 years now, so it is hard to summarize or appreciate what they have done in just a few paragraphs. If you are interested, you can always visit their official website to browse more: https://www.spca.nz/

We have already donated on behalf of the MiraMate community to help SPCA and the animals in need. And now, we are inviting you to join us in making a difference.

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