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Use LFMS Therapy to Beat Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, which are responsible for transmitting air in and out of the lungs when functioning normally. The most common signs and symptoms may include coughing up mucus, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, etc.

Bronchitis can be either acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is usually caused by viruses. After receiving some treatment, patients can notice improvement within 10 days in general. However, chronic bronchitis is a more complex condition. The symptoms may recur several times a year. People with chronic bronchitis are often troubled by bad environment or air pollution problems, and others may be due to their longtime habit of smoking.

According to statistics, bronchitis is one of the most common lung infections worldwide. Fortunately, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy has been proven to be a natural, non-invasive, and safe approach that works amazingly well in improving the symptoms of acute or chronic bronchitis.

How can Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy help with bronchitis?

By encompassing the health benefits of the Earth’s frequency, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy aims to maintain optimum well-being for its users. More importantly, it can effectively target your body at a cellular level to manage the symptoms, reduce inflammation, repair damage to the lung tissue, and bring your bronchial tubes back to their healthy state.

People with a weaker immune system, especially elders and people suffering from chronic diseases, may have a higher chance of getting bronchitis since their bodies are already busy fighting overloaded pathogens and germs. Fortunately, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy can provide patients with essential energetic support for the immune system, supporting it to better safeguard their bodies from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy helps with bronchitis by reducing inflammation and improving the immune system

Why choose Big Magic to help with bronchitis?

The healing process of lung cells and tissues cannot be completed in a single night. Your body needs some time to recharge. This means that the sooner you begin treatment, the faster you can overcome the condition.

MiraMate Big Magic is one of the most advanced Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices on the market, specially designed for long-term treatment. It comes with a flexible and practical Low Field Magnetic Stimulation mat which is easy and convenient to use. Nowadays, Big Magic has become the best choice for many people to treat bronchitis.

For bronchitis, we recommend applying the Big Magic mat on your chest where your lungs are for more than 3 hours every day. You can also place the mat under your sheet and lie on it for overnight treatment.

Testimonial from MiraMate User

“My wife and I get so much benefit out using Big Magic that we decided to buy another one so we each have one to lay on at night. It is great for reducing inflammation and pain. We both have back pain that has been reduced and it helps us get a good night’s sleep. Other bodies and joint areas are helped a lot. Thanks for all your good products!”

——Rich-Eloyce Enloe

MiraMate Big Magic for bronchitis

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