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Four Special Healing Music Tracks for Your Magic Pro

MiraMate has just launched its new product, Magic Pro. It is the world’s best full-body Analog Low Field Magnetic Stimulation machine, which turns audio frequencies into therapeutic Low Field Magnetic Stimulations to help your entire body recover from various diseases.

Magic Pro requires audio input to work, and you can either choose your own music or use our Frequency Heals app to find Rife healing audios for specific problems. To help you get started with Magic Pro, we have composed 4 special healing music tracks and put them in both the Frequency Heals app and Mindful Audio. Let’s see what they are.

Four Special Healing Music Tracks for Magic Pro

General Healing and Pain Relief

The technology behind this audio was developed by Dr. Leon Martin Silverstone, a pioneer who developed non-invasive neuromodulation devices to treat a multitude of diseases. This audio replicates the signal of his original machines.

This audio has two very important functions: safely reduce acute and chronic pain and accelerate tissue repair. You can run this track continuously to achieve fast recovery.

Deep Sleep

This audio has a unique and special frequency wobble which gently induces and maintains natural deep sleep. It is ideal for people with insomnia or other sleep disorders. The run time is 30 minutes. There is no maximum run-time for this audio. The soundtrack can be safely looped as desired.

Angelic Touch

This healing audio contains 21 of the most commonly used healing frequencies. Their combined power is great for general health improvement. The audio is silk-smooth, with a sample rate much higher than the common generation. When running this audio in Magic Pro, its gentle therapeutic effects will feel like an angel’s caress.

Spiritual Mantra

A mantra is a series of powerful spoken words. The sound resonates in people’s hearts and with the universe. The resonance will be the strongest when an enlightened monk chants the mantra. This audio was created by one such monk.

Listening to it will improve your spiritual awareness. Using it in Magic Pro will connect your soul to the healing universe, enriching both body and mind.

Connection the Healing Tracks to Magic Pro

When you purchase Magic Pro, you’ll receive these four specially composed healing audio tracks. These tracks are preloaded in Mindful Audio and Frequency Heals App, which are designed to help you get started with your healing journey right away.

mindful audio - music player with healing music
Mindful Audio
Frrequency Heals
Frequency Heals App

Its portability enables you to carry it anywhere, including places without an Internet connection.

Mindful Audio is designed to help you enjoy your favorite healing audio more conveniently. The preloaded energy healing music in Mindful Audio were  carefully selected and their effectiveness was tested.

More details about Mindful Audio here.

After successful registeration, you will enjoy a period of free trial.

The Frequency Heals app also offers a collection of specially created healing audio made from Rife frequencies. You can browse through and listen to a variety of healing music with ease. You can Download the Frequency Heals app on the App Store or Google Play.

More details about Frequency Heals app here.

These healing audio tracks cover a range of common health issues, from stress to anxiety to physical pain and inflammation, and are based on the latest research and insights in frequency healing.

To use the healing audio tracks, simply connect to Mindful Audio or Frequency Heals App and select the track you’d like to use.

Below is the instruction video, or else you can also check the instruction text here.

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