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Can I Use MiraMate LFMS Products Simultaneously?

Can I use Big Magic and Mini Magic together? Will they interfere with each other? Some users have asked questions like these. If you have the same worry, this blog will hopefully clear your doubts.

First, the short answer is no. Big and Mini Magic will not affect each other as long as they are not placed on the same area. Here is why.

The Principles and Safety of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation stands for Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy. It involves the use of pulsing electromagnetic fields to improve health and well-being. The fields are able to penetrate deep into the body and alter the electrical and chemical activities of cells. Therefore, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation can stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and is used to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, enhance tissue repair, and support overall wellness.

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation is safe and non-invasive. Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices produce low levels of electromagnetic fields that your body can tolerate and quickly adapt to. Unless you are pregnant or have epilepsy or implanted medical devices, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy will not cause any danger.

Use Big Magic and Mini Magic Together

Big Magic and Mini Magic are both Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices of MiraMate. They apply distinct frequencies and are for different conditions and scenes. For example, Big Magic uses 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance to help improve chronic pain and sleep problems, while Mini Magic uses 9.6 Hz and focuses on minor pain management.

As you may have noticed, Big Magic and Mini Magic complement each other. Big Magic has a big mat, which you can place on your chair or bed to enjoy a long and restful healing session for persistent problems. Mini Magic is for localized or acute problems, such as injuries and wounds. 

Moreover, Mini Magic is portable. You can carry it while traveling and use it to relieve discomfort on the road. And when you get back home, Big Magic will provide the best relaxation and quickly restore your energy.

Testimonials from Users with Both Magics

Many users love to purchase Big Magic and Mini Magic together and use them in combination. Here are two examples:

“I am so glad I purchased Miramate Big Magic and Mini Magic. I have been getting great results from both. Sleeping on Miramate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation helps to keep my structure aligned, reducing chronic spasms due to old injuries. The Mini Magic is convenient to use for assisting healing of nerves from surgery AND other assorted muscle tightness. They are both so convenient to use. I have reduced (if not eliminated) what was necessary for Physical Therapy, as I am getting better results with Low Field Magnetic Stimulation.”


“I sleep on the Big Magic every night and have noticed my legs are getting better. Today I hurt my back, and it was hard to move, warning me of a major lockup. I used the Mini Magic with both coils for the whole day. I am totally surprised and delighted that I am almost back to 100% normal.”


Indeed, the synergy of MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic makes them a powerful pair, and their healing capability multiplies when you use them jointly. If you are suffering from pain, inflammation, insomnia, or injuries, you should try them now. 

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