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Mindful Audio is designed to help you enjoy your favorite healing audio more conveniently. Its primary job is to play healing music, and its portability allows you to carry it wherever you go, even somewhere without an Internet connection.

The preloaded energy healing music in Mindful Audio can heal your body and mind. The music was carefully selected or made by the Frequency Heals team, and their effectiveness was tested.

Moreover, the four magical sentences of Ho’oponopono, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” are printed on the back of Mindful Audio. It is a reminder of the core of healing—a good intention. The design, production, and distribution process of Mindful Audio is all fused with well-intended energy, which makes the healing tones of Mindful Audio more effective.

Mindful Audio can also become a speaker via either a USB connection or Bluetooth. It can then control the music playing on your phone or PC.

You can now put your favorite healing frequencies in your pocket and enjoy them at any time or place.

NOTE: The product package does NOT include a battery. You need to purchase your own in case you need one. Please use a button-top, rechargeable, 18mm × 67mm 18650 battery. The battery in the link is compatible with Mindful Audio. You can find usable batteries according to this one or purchase one directly. Click here.

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Mindful Audio can create a bright and healthful energy field. You can place one in each room of your house or office and play energy music at a low volume and nourish in the energy field all day long.

✅ Excellent sound quality: less than 1% distortion allows you to enjoy better healing from the audios.
✅ Portability: small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used without the Internet.
✅ Music selection: press the numbers to select audio and control music playing on your phone.
✅ Convenient speaker: can be connected to other devices by USB or Bluetooth to become a speaker.
✅ SD card player: easy to download and store music.
✅ Built-in flashlight: help you navigate in the dark.

Input(Volts/Amps): 5V 1A
Input(Watts): 3W

Preloaded Music

To make audio playback easy for everyone, we have preloaded valuable Mindful Audio healing audio on the accompanying SD card. 

The carefully-composed frequencies in the SD card include ones for sleep, general healing, comprehensive healing, and spiritual awareness.

Choose any audio track, and immediately receive positive energy and life-changing inspiration. Mindful Audio can be played continuously to create a healing ambiance in your environment.


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