An Interview between Stefan Burns and Dr. Bill McGraw: Energy, LFMS, and More

We are thrilled to have Stefan Burns interviewing Dr. Bill McGraw, one of our online course trainers. In this interview, they talked about energy, Schumann Resonance, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation, and many more interesting topics. Welcome to watch the video to hear about the details.


Stefan Burns
Stefan Burns is a Sr. Geophysicist with Geometrics who earned his B.S. in Geology at UC Davis. He has specialized in UAV magnetometry and passive-seismic methodologies. Stefan was a co-host of the Science Channel show Secrets of the Underground, which brought geophysics to a mainstream audience.

In his YouTube channel, he uses his scientific background to explore the realms of energy, metaphysics, and spirituality. He also covers health and wellness, herbalism, and permaculture topics on this channel.

Dr. Bill McGraw
Dr. Bill McGraw is a multi-discipline research scientist in agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, coral reef ecology, and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Bill began studying medicine because of his healing crisis that began in 2010. No doctor or therapist could help him, so he had to become a doctor of medicine to heal himself. Since then, medicine has become a sincere passion, and he has become a very adept healer with many detox successes and countless resolutions of many different chronic diseases.

Excerpts from the Interview

In the interview, Stefan and Bill discussed many topics and gave a lot of insights into energy and healing. Here are some excerpts:

Stefan: Can you give us an introduction?

Bill: I have a Ph.D. in aquaculture and was working on this huge project in South Africa, typically 16 to 18 hours a day. I started experiencing this debilitating insomnia. I went to the doctor, and he gave me a prescription drug, which didn’t work. I just kept going to doctors for more drugs, and then I went to naturopaths, and they hooked me up to machines and gave me foot baths. Nothing was working. Finally, I was done with this madness, so I just began reading books and studying to become a naturopathic doctor and got into every kind of alternative medicine topic you can imagine.

I determined that I had a mineral deficiency of magnesium, whose place was taken by toxic heavy metals. And I found Rife technology and Spooky2, a powerful tool that helped me detox, and eventually, I got into Low Field Magnetic Stimulation because Spooky2’s founder John White also developed Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices.

Stefan: How Can Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Help People?

Bill: In terms of healing the body, you need to charge the cells, you know, create a cell membrane potential, plus outside minus inside, to allow the flow of not only energy but oxygen, nutrients, minerals, carbon dioxide, water, and toxins out of the cell.

So, one of the ideas of chronic disease in aging is that as we age, there’s a loss of functionality of cells. There’s an idea that the Low Field Magnetic Stimulation technology is actually good as an anti-aging protocol. You’re charging cells to make them work more and be more functional. They work better, there’s a better turnover of cell division, and new cells are produced over time. Also, all these other things, like increased endorphins, make us heal faster. We sleep better when we can put a Low Field Magnetic Stimulation field next to the body and in some form or another, whether it be a mat or rings that you put directly on the pain.

The field extends for typically six inches, and it’s just a great alternative to having to deal with, you know, pain and all these detox issues. I think I did a seminar on insomnia. It’s one of the biggest problems most people have today.

Watch the video to learn more!

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One thought on “An Interview between Stefan Burns and Dr. Bill McGraw: Energy, LFMS, and More

  1. christine Girard says:

    Bonjour à tous
    j’ai essayer hier au soir mon magic pro et cette première expérience fut surprenante. j’ai testé si la connection existait avec le testeur car nous ne sommes pas habitués à ne rien entendre et tout était ok . En m’allongeant sur le tapis et après mise en route de l’appareil et des musiques j’ai bien ressenti dans mon coprs les champs electro magnétiques pulsées ce qui m’a le plus surprise c’est la douleur qui est venu se faire sentir au niveau de ma cheville droite qui s’est lancée alors que j’avais complètement oublié qu’il y a 40 ans j’avais fait une entorse grave de la cheville droite avec arrachement osseux et ligamentaire et ce traumatisme se réveille en cas de grandes fatigues ou lors de tempêtes mais hier au soir rien avant le contact avec PEMF . au bout de quelques minutes la douleur s’est calmé et j’ai pris cela comme ci mon corps réagissait à cette vieille blessure toujours présente et que les champs agissaient sur elle . l’autre ressenti fut dans l’ensemble du corps quand les champs sont actifs est une sensation globale que je suis traversée par ondes dans tout le corps et mes cellules . je vais poursuivre mes expériences
    belle journée à tous

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