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Scalar Field and PEMF: What Are the Differences?

Scalar energy therapy and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy are two popular energy therapies that utilize energy fields. They are both good for healing pains and inflammations and restoring energy equilibrium. However, what are the differences between them? Keep reading to learn more.

Working Principles

Although both use energy fields to heal people, scalar field and PEMF apply totally different energy forms.

A scalar field operates based on the concept of scalar waves, which are instantaneous longitudinal waves that encompass the field. Scalar waves can transmit energy over vast distances and pass through solid metal objects without loss of power. They exist outside the electromagnetic spectrum.

PEMF therapy involves the use of electromagnetic fields that pulse at specific frequencies. These electromagnetic waves induce electrical changes in cells and tissues, promoting various physiological benefits.


A scalar wave forms when two electromagnetic waves perfectly “cancel” each other. Due to this nature, a scalar field requires tuning to create and maintain itself. Tuning involves adjusting the frequency, amplitude, and other parameters to generate the desired scalar waves.

Unlike the scalar field, PEMF does not require tuning. Most PEMF devices are typically pre-set with specific frequencies and waveforms beneficial for various health conditions.


Since scalar fields generated can pass objects without loss of power, they can potentially cover an entire house or even a larger area, depending on the setup.

PEMF therapy, on the other hand, is generally local in its effect. The sizes of electromagnetic fields produced by PEMF devices depend on the area of the coils and the magnitude of the current running through them. PEMF has a more focused influence and primarily affects the space close to the device.

Information Transferrence

One unique feature of the scalar field is its ability to transfer information of substances. Scalar waves can carry the signature or information of substances, such as essential oil and medications, within the field, allowing the user to receive their remedial properties without taking them directly.

In contrast, PEMF cannot pass on information, and substances within the field will not interact with one another. PEMF therapy works directly on cells and tissues to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance cellular repair.


Scalar field and PEMF are both alternative energy therapies that are effective for many conditions. They apply different forms of energy, but both are helpful for your health. If you want quick and localized pain relief or wound healing, we recommend PEMF therapy. And if you like to enjoy treatment while free to move, you can set up a scalar field for your home, in which your family members can receive the therapeutic energy too.

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