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An Interview with John White by Elena Danaan

We were honored to have Elena Danaan interview our founder, John White, to talk about Low Field Magnetic Stimulation and the charity work we do to help people around the world.

In the interview, John explained the basics of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy, including its working theory and what conditions it can help with. He also showed video reviews of our users. Later, he also presented the charity work we have done and how we wanted to make the world a better place for everyone. It was truly a touching scene. Welcome to watch the full interview.

About Elena

Elena Danaan is an Archaeologist who spent many years working on diverse sites in Egypt and France studying ancient cultures. Hereditary Shaman, she also studied Pagan Spirituality, Magic, and Alchemy. She was trained and ordained as a Druidess. She wrote many books and is an artist, musician, and singer. She uses her talents at the service of this world and beyond.

Highlights in the Interview

Elena using MiraMate Mini Magic for her foot injury

Elena: I want to bring my testimony before you start. I had an injured foot. I fell and couldn’t put my foot on the ground, so I tried this machine. After about two weeks of using it for half an hour every morning, it was over! I could run, wear high heels, climb mountains, and it was gone forever. Because of its effectiveness, I also used it on my family. My sister had a back injury, and she couldn’t move her arm without excruciating pain. But now she’s perfect after trying Mini Magic.

John explaining the theory of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy

John: If you’re healthy, you’ve got a voltage across each one of your cells. As you age or through stress, diet, or pollution, that voltage can get reduced. The further down your cell voltage is reduced, the more likely you are to develop a disease, which they will tell you all with hereditary or whatever other sorts of nonsense.

For serious illnesses, your voltage can drop right down to 15 or 20 millivolts, while normal was 70 to 100. So it’s dropping way down to a quarter or even less of a healthy body’s voltage.

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation helps restore cell voltage

Now, people could argue that other people in the family have got the same disease, so how can it be related to cell voltage? Well, people can be predisposed to diseases. It just needs the voltage to drop below a certain point, and it might be higher than other people for the disease to manifest inside your body. What Low Field Magnetic Stimulation does is it charges up yourselves and restores the voltage that is across your cells. It’s pretty much a nutshell.

John sharing his understanding of true happiness

John: Think about what makes you truly happy and focus on that. It is not going to be the same as the person next to you. For you, it might be your children’s success or having a healthy garden, but focus on whatever makes you happy. And that will help you to grow.

Don’t focus on wealth or having things. When it comes for your time to expire, we all do, start pushing up daisies sooner or later, smoking up into the sky, or whatever, go out with a world of experiences, and make something that your children and children’s children will have to tell their children this story: your great great grandmother or grandfather, they did this. They helped these people, and they did this. You can speak highly of a person through actions, not through their wealth. So focus on that.

Now I know that I have true happiness with helping other people and riding bicycles. It’s simple, and where other people could be through origami or anything. But find it, focus on that, and then let your happiness spread. You’ll have more energy. You know wealth comes with happiness.

Watch the video to learn more.

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