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7 Things You Should Know About Using MiraMate Ray Gun

7 Things You Should Know About Using MiraMate Ray Gun

1. Ray Gun is an all-new MiraMate VUV light therapy device, designed to treat many kinds of surface and deep skin issues more effectively and safely. It can also benefit plants and get rid of mold spots on walls. However, it is worth noting that Ray Gun is not recommended under the following circumstances:

  • During Pregnancy
  • People with a pacemaker or other internal electronic devices
    (Note: MRI-safe electronic devices can be used with Ray Gun.)
  • People with epilepsy or light-induced seizures or migraines
  • People with diseases related to photo-sensitivity
  • People who take medication that makes the skin more sensitive to light

2. Ray Gun can be used anywhere except for the eyes and inside the mouth. Do not look at the UV light directly or use Ray Gun on your eyes or eyelids. We recommend wearing the supplied goggles during treatment. Sensitive skin should be treated with caution and care.

3. Be careful when installing the gas tube into the Ray Gun head as it is fragile and may break if too much force is applied. The life of the Ray Gun VUV tube is about 500 hours. The replacement gas tube is available, you can now add it to your order.

4. To avoid damage caused by overcharge or malfunction due to insufficient power supply, please use the power adapter that comes with Ray Gun.

5. For sensitive skin and small skin problems, it is best to use contact mode. Some users with extremely sensitive skin may feel a slight tingling when they move Ray Gun gas tube to another lesion area during the operation. Therefore, it is recommended to release the trigger first, and then remove the gas tube from the skin.

6. Penetration mode uses an earthing pad to increase the power and penetration of treatments. Place the gun tube directly against the skin and position the earthing pad on the opposite side of the problem area. This mode can be used in combination with the other two modes. It is important to place the earthing pad on clean, dry skin. It is best to choose a location which does not have too much hair. If necessary, remove excess hair with a shaver. Do not place the earthing pad near the heart or head. It does not matter how far away the earthing pad is from the problem area.

7. Ensure your skin is clean and free of sunblock or skincare products before use. Do not share Ray Gun if you have a contagious skin disease.

Are you still confused about how to apply Ray Gun for the best results? Click the link below to obtain more relevant information!
How to Use MiraMate Ray Gun

4 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Know About Using MiraMate Ray Gun

  1. hal smith says:

    Can the ray gun be used on a skin cancer that is an open wound and raw ?

    1. MiraMate says:

      Hi. Ray Gun is effective for helping with skin cancer. However, we don’t recommend using it directly on an open wound. You could use the penetration mode instead of the contact mode or angle mode.

  2. hal says:

    what happens if person forgets to clean off skin lotion and used ray gun?

    1. MiraMate says:

      If someone forgets to clean off skin lotion before using Ray Gun, the treatment wouldn’t be as effective as when the skin is clean, because the lotion blocks part of the VUV light. However, there won’t be any damage.

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