PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy for Autism

PEMF Therapy for Autism

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a range of neuro-developmental disorders predominantly characterized by difficulty with communication, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviors. Normally, autism includes autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, PDD-NOS and Asperger syndrome.

Autism may have many different causes, but it is most affected by the combination of genetic and environmental factors. In addition, the specific symptoms and the level of their severity vary widely among affected individuals. This is why there is no one single approach to treatment.

Although there is no known cure, there have been cases of people with autism who recovered. According to research, early recognition and intervention can lead to positive outcomes later in life for people with autism. Numerous studies also indicate that PEMF therapy can significantly reduce the symptoms of autism and improve the quality of life of the affected people. PEMF therapy for autism is a natural and safe alternative to prescription medication that allows taking the holistic approach and avoiding horrible side-effects.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work for Autism?

In the last decades, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) was widely applied to help people with autism. It has long been known that these people respond amazingly to dolphin therapy. Dolphins emit specific bioenergy fields and the high-frequency clicks they use to communicate have the ability to alter the waves of the human brain. rTMS for autism can work in a similar way. Additionally, swimming in seawater helps patients with autism get in tune with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth. Helping autism with rTMS is proven to yield the same results. In a word, the PEMF device emits pulses that mimic the earth’s electromagnetic field, improves the electromagnetic conductivity of the brain cells, and charges them with the energy that is essential for their proper functioning.

PEMF therapy can also help people with autism by improving circulation. Studies show that the improvement of blood flow in the body and the brain is one of the most important factors to help individuals communicate better, and complete cognitive tasks more quickly and more easily. By enhancing blood flow, people who suffered from autism can link their thoughts and speech with greater ease, thus being able to communicate better and think more clearly.

Can we use Big Magic to help people with autism?

MiraMate Big Magic with a PEMF mat is one of the most advanced PEMF devices in the market, which is proven to be effective in managing the symptoms of autism.

Big Magic copies the frequency of Schumann resonance, which is regarded as the heartbeat of the earth. This magic frequency can benefit our physical and mental health naturally. It means that long-term use of Big Magic is very safe and there are no related side effects or complications.

The market survey shows that most PEMF devices with a mat only apply a single pulse in the same direction. After long-term treatments, the cells won’t be neutralized, which is not good for the overall health of people with autism. In contrast, Big Magic changes direction every ten minutes, so the human body will maintain equilibrium, and won’t become magnetically charged.

If you have been seeking a natural way to manage the symptoms of autism and improve the quality of life, MiraMate Big Magic is just what you need. We recommend applying Big Magic for more than 3 hours every day. You can also place the PEMF mat under your pillowcase for overnight treatment.

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