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Why Is MiraMate Mini Magic the Best Portable LFMS Device?

Acute pain and injuries can be excruciating, and sometimes, they heal too slowly and may become chronic. Therefore, it is critical to tend to them promptly and prevent deterioration. That is why you need MiraMate Mini Magic, the best portable Low Field Magnetic Stimulation product for minor pain and injuries.

How Does Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy Relieve Pain and Heal Injuries?

Your cells are like mini batteries. They require energy to help you complete daily tasks, and after the day, you may feel exhausted and depleted because your cells are drained of energy.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field, or Low Field Magnetic Stimulation in short, can charge your cells with magnetic energy by sending out waves of magnetic fields. It can help increase ion exchange between cells and blood to stimulate cellular metabolism. As a result, your cells have enough energy to produce anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving chemicals to reduce pain and speed up natural recovery.

Some studies have also suggested that Low Field Magnetic Stimulation can affect ion channels in neurons to block pain signal transmission and make you feel less pain.

The Benefits of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Because Low Field Magnetic Stimulation can enhance the body’s natural recovery process, alleviate inflammation and pain, and boost your energy, it can help with many conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Wound healing

The Advantages of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy is very safe and causes no side effects because it is non-invasive. Surgery needs to cut your skin open and stitch it back, and drugs often cause side effects. Unlike those, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation works outside your body, even at a short distance. You only need to stay near the magnetic field to receive its benefits.

Moreover, you can use a Low Field Magnetic Stimulation device at home and avoid waiting in a long queue to see a doctor. It is a more convenient choice than going to the hospital.

Why Is MiraMate Mini Magic the Best Portable Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Device?

MiraMate Mini Magic is ideal for treating local injury and minor pain. It uses very brief magnetic pulses to stimulate the growth and repair of cells. With three power levels, Mini Magic can suit everybody’s needs. It also has two coil options to help you treat local or large areas.

What’s more, Mini Magic is quite small. You can conveniently clamp the unit on your belt and tie the coils on your arm or legs with an elastic band. You can enjoy the healing energy at home, office, or almost anywhere.

User Reviews of MiraMate Mini Magic

Thousands of users have used Mini Magic to relieve pain and improve their health. Here are some examples:

I received my Mini Magic, and I started using it right away. So, I did one half-hour treatment that night and went to bed. The next morning, half awake as I went to the bathroom, I was startled as the bathroom door

suddenly jumped in front of my face. Wow! I didn’t expect to see it at all!

—— Maria

MiraMate Mini is really a magic device. It works very smoothly and effectively. In the first 5-10 minutes it is so soft that it seems not to work, but then it produces a very pleasant smooth warmth from inside the body. I had severe inflammation in my knee and it disappeared within one day. A very recommendable device.

—— Ralf


If you need pain or inflammation relief, we recommend starting with MiraMate Mini Magic. Safe, non-invasive, and effective, Mini Magic will repair your body so that you can focus on enjoying your life.

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