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Join Our Webinar and Learn More About MiraMate LFMS Products

We are delighted to have Dorinel Patriche as our host for the upcoming webinar on Feb. 24th. This is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about our Low Field Magnetic Stimulation products, Mini Magic and Big Magic, and their astonishing healing power. Also, Dorinel will talk about how to use them to treat eye problems, and there will be a Q&A session for you to ask him questions. If you suffer from pain or eye diseases, this is a course you must not miss.

If you are interested, register now.

Dorinel Patriche has been studying Nicola Tesla’s scalar energy, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy, Royal Rife’s Mortal Oscillation Rate (MOR), and recent advancements in Bio-resonance and Biofeedback. He also practices and teaches energy healing arts like Qigong and Reiki. He is an electronic engineer with a minor in medical electronics. He has over 40 years of experience and a number of patents, both in Romania and North America.

In this webinar, Dorinel Patriche will discuss the following points:

● The theory of Low Field Magnetic Stimulation
● A brief overview of MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic
● Benefits and advantages of MiraMate Big Magic and Mini Magic
● The difference between Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy and traditional medical care
● Its health benefits on the eyes
● Feedback from our real customers
● A Q&A session

We convert the time to your local time zone:
1. New York, USA (UTC-5): 07:00 PM February 23rd
2. Vancouver, Canada (UTC-8): 04:00 PM February 23rd
3. Sydney, Australia (UTC+10): 11:00 AM February 24th
4. London, United Kingdom (UTC+0): 00:00 AM February 24th
5. Berlin, Germany (UTC+1): 01: 00 AM February 24th

Register now to reserve your seat. We wish you can take part in this webinar, and we will edit the most exciting parts to achieve a small vivid video for all of you after the webinar.

If you have any questions about this live show, please feel free to ask Dorinel or send us an email at [email protected].

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