Understanding PEMF

Why do Our PEMF Devices Choose Low Intensity and Low Frequency?

There are so many debates online about the value of intensity and the frequency of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). Most of you may be confused when deciding which PEMF device is right for you, the low intensity one or the high intensity one. I will help you make a wise decision.

Low Intensity for Safe Long Term Treatments

It is a deep-seated, faulty belief that if one pill is good, two must be better, which makes a lot of people believe that high intensity is better than low intensity. Actually, low intensity PEMF devices use small forces to stimulate the body’s own healing and repair systems. It has no side effects and is totally safe to use at home. High intensity PEMF devices do provide temporary relief, but using the device too long can shatter your health. The powerful external forces can prevent the body from healing naturally, so using high intensity PEMF devices is a bad approach long-term. It would be better to use them for short periods of time, and under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

Big Magic and Mini Magic are powerful enough to fully penetrate body tissue. The total magnetic field strength of Big Magic is 2,500 Gauss. The magnetic flux density of Big Magic at high power is approximately 80 Gauss and low power is about 25 Gauss. The magnetic field strength of Mini Magic is 200 Gauss. With both MiraMate PEMF units, the magnetic signal has beautiful sharp edges to help cell penetration, so you don’t need the potentially dangerous high intensity magnetic fields. They are both well-suited for long-term treatments.

To stimulate healing, the magnetic pulse must also be small. If the magnetic pulse is generated in the correct shape and pattern, healing is faster. Both MiraMate PEMF units use very brief magnetic pulses to stimulate the growth of stem cells and invigorate cellular mitochondria.

Low Frequencies for Gentle Natural Healing

Precise frequencies are necessary for healing. The Earth frequencies are primarily between 0-30 Hz. This matches the frequencies of your body, mind, tissues and cells. The human body needs these frequencies to maintain health. We evolved on this planet, so it is natural that we are also in synchronization with it.

The frequency of Big Magic is the Schumann resonance 7.83 Hz, which is a natural earth frequency. Your body gets what it gets naturally, yet in a slightly higher dose, returning your body to good health. Even if you have no health issues, you can use Big Magic while you sleep. When you wake in the morning, you’ll feel more energized, so you can face the day with more vigor.

All the programs in Mini Magic are based on 9.6 Hz. It is also an ideal frequency for PEMF healing. However, Mini Magic is not just about frequencies, it is about patterns of pulses. Mini Magic has a miniature computer that calculates perfectly timed magnetic pulses, helping your body overcome injury and illness quickly.

It is best to give the body all it needs to heal itself. This includes the natural earth frequencies. This is why our PEMF devices choose a low intensity and low frequency. To match the natural frequencies of mother earth.

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