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How to Help with Sleep Disorders Using LFMS Therapy

Watch this video to learn how to help with sleep disorders using Chakra improving Therapy.

For more information about Chakra improving therapy for sleep disorders, please check the blog below: improving-therapy-for-sleep-disorders/

2 thoughts on “How to Help with Sleep Disorders Using LFMS Therapy

  1. Yvonne Chu says:

    How many times can I use the big magic mat everyday? I would like to use it for different areas for pain and better sleep.

    1. MiraMate says:

      Big Magic is gentle and is ideal for treating long-term health problems. It’s been designed for repeated overnight use. You can leave it on during the day because the power consumption is very low. Place the mat under your sheets on your bed, turn it on, and forget it’s there!

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