VUV Light Therapy

VUV Light Therapy for Warts

What are warts?

Warts are small, noncancerous growths on your skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). People with a weakened immune system or damaged skin are prone to getting warts. These raised bumps can grow anywhere on your skin, especially on your hands or feet. Most warts are harmless, but they are ugly, potentially embarrassing, and highly contagious. If you are seeking a safe and non-invasive treatment to remove warts, VUV light therapy may be the best choice.

How does VUV light therapy work for warts?

VUV light therapy can kill the viruses and disrupt the abnormal skin cell growth of warts. The photon energy of VUV is very high, so it can kill the viruses living on the skin effectively. In this way, VUV light therapy may stop warts from spreading to other parts of the body or being passed to someone else.

In addition, VUV photons set off a chemical reaction to create nitric oxide within your tissue. According to studies, the therapeutic effects of nitric oxide depend on the amounts generated and the local concentrations achieved. VUV light therapy, proven to create proper nitric oxide, clears viruses and destroys skin cells of warts effectively.

What’s more, VUV light therapy is very safe to use and there are no known side effects or complications related to it. The dead skin on the human body is sufficient to absorb VUV radiation almost completely, so VUV will not harm normal skin cells.

Why choose Flash to remove warts?

Flash is the most advanced VUV light therapy device on the market, which has been reported to remove warts with success.

Tobias found flat warts on his hands 20 years ago. Skin doctors offered cryotherapy (freezing) which caused blisters and was very invasive and uncomfortable when he tried this. He used Flash on lesion area 10-20 times every day. The results are amazing! Warts almost completely disappeared after two weeks of treatment.

flat warts

Vince also shared with us three photos to show the treatment progress of getting rid of warts with Flash.


Robert removed a wart on his upper right arm using Flash. He said, “Power level 5, 4 sets of 10 flashes in quick succession. Repeated 3 times, a few hours apart. Very effective, no bleeding and no adverse effects.”

Flash is extremely easy to use. Simply put on the protection glasses, turn on the device, and flash on your warts. It’s time to enjoy a better life!

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