MiraMate Q&A

MiraMate Big Magic Q&A

Big Magic Q and A


Q: What is the waveform of Big Magic?

A: The waveform is Square. Each square pulse lasts for 100 microseconds. This rapid pulse penetrates the cells easily, inducing a small current within the cell.

Q: What is the frequency/program of Big Magic?

A: The frequency of Big Magic is the Schumann main resonance of 7.83 Hz, which is a natural earth frequency.

Q: What conditions can Big Magic treat?

A: Big Magic has been designed to treat persistent problems. Chronic conditions are conditions that you’ve had for a long period of time and won’t go away. The condition was like nerve damage, joint problems and conditions which other methods haven’t resolved, you can place this under your sheet and you can gradually improve your symptoms over a period of a week or even as long as a month.

Q: What are the technical parameters of Big Magic?

A: The total Energy Field strength of Big Magic is 2,500 Gauss. The Energy Field is spread over an area 30 times larger than Mini Magic. The magnetic flux density of Big Magic at high power is approximately 80 Gauss. Low power is approximately 25 Gauss.

Q: Is Big Magic portable too?

A: Big Magic is specially designed for chronic disease with an overnight treatment, it is not as portable as Mini Magic. If you need it to be portable, you can get Mini Magic which is specially designed for minor pain, new injuries or new nerve damages, etc.

Q: How much of the body is actually being affected by Big Magic?

A: Big Magic is for regional treatment, the optimal treatment height is 30cm and the distance around the mat is 5cm.

When you place the mat on your knee, other parts of your body within the effective area will receive the benefits as well.

Q: How does Big Magic differ from other Chakra improving Mats in the market?

A: There are quite a few differences.

Most existing Chakra improving units only apply a single pulse and their pulses are in the same direction. Big Magic reverses the signal every 10 minutes. After treatments, your body overall charge will be neutral, even though the mitochondria within your individual cells will gain energy.

Another difference is the waveform. The waveform produced by Big Magic is very sharp. Sharper than almost any other Chakra improving unit. This sharpness allows the signal to induce a stronger signal within cells.

Q: Did somebody measure the EMF on Big Magic Chakra improving device? If yes what is the reading?

A: The EMF level of Big Magic is low and within the safety level. What’s more, the EMF produced is in pulses and each one only lasts a very short time. In this case, it will not be harmful to your body at all. Instead, the pulse pattern has a improving function.

Q: Will one Big Magic main unit work two Big Magic mats?

A: No, one Big magic unit can only drive one mat.

Q: What are the differences between Big Magic and Mini Magic?

A: Big Magic is better for long-term conditions, and Mini Magic is for injuries, like sports injuries.

Big Magic takes longer to heal. It might take a week before you see results, whereas Mini Magic can get results within half an hour.

Q: Is the Big Magic AC or DC? Mobius/scalar? Bifilar?

A: Big Magic uses pulsing DC. Not Mobius or Scalar or Bifilar.

Q: Since the mat is 7 inches wide, are you receiving frequencies from the full spectrum of the mat or only in the middle where the tester lit up?

A: The planar coil is placed in the middle of the mat, so we put coil tester on the middle of the mat for testing, but the Chakra improving field covers the full mat, you can get the treatment effect from the full mat.

Q: How do you know when the Chakra improving mat stops working?

A: It is very strongly built and will not break easily. When it is working, there is a “tick” sound when you put your ears close. Very easy to tell. Also as shown in the video, there is a coil tester for you to check whether it is working.

Q: What is the material of the Chakra improving mat? Can I use it directly on my skin?

A: The material is PVC. It should not produce allergies for most people, so can be used directly on the skin. But under normal use, it can be used underneath a sheet, so it becomes more comfortable.

Q: How many coils are in the mat and do you feel them when you lie on it?

A: It is a mat. No wire coil is used. A special, single, planar coil is used. You can hardly feel it when you lie on it.

Q: What’s the dimension of the Chakra improving Mat?
A: The dimension is 0.6*0.2m.


Q: Any cautions with Big Magic like not putting it over your heart or head?

A: No cautions. It is safe for the head or heart areas.


Never use Big Magic in, near, or around water. Big Magic’s magnetic pulses also prohibit its use under the following circumstances:

  • During pregnancy.
  • While using a non-MRI-safe IUD.
  • People or animals with organ transplants.
  • People or animals with pacemakers.
  • Hearing aids, medical pumps, or other electrical implants/devices.

Non-magnetic metal rods, screws, and plates are safe for Chakra improving use. If an implant is safe for an MRI, it is safe to use Big Magic.

Q: Can Big Magic be used at the same time as Mini Magic for extra benefit?

A: Sure. The fields of Big Magic and Mini Magic extend about the same distance. The fields don’t interfere or cancel each other out. You can lie down on the mat over the Big Magic and use Mini Magic on the body part.

Q: How long does it take for each Big Magic treatment session?

A: Big Magic is gentle and is ideal for treating long-term health problems. It’s been designed for repeated overnight use. You can leave it on during the day because the power consumption is very low. Place the mat under your sheets on your bed, turn it on, and forget it’s there!

Q: Is it safe to use a cellphone while on Big Magic mat?

A: Yes, it is OK to use them together.

Q: Can you use two Big Magics at the same time?

A: Yes, you can use multiple big magic on one person at the same time, as long as you do not overlap them.

Q: The coil tester lights up on both sides. Is there a “right” side? If I set the Chakra improving mat on my lap would my thighs receive benefits?

A: You can use both sides for treatment, there is no “right” side. When you set the mat on your lap and laid your hands on top, your thighs and hands will receive the benefits at the same time.

Q: Is it possible to use Big Magic with a grounding sheet at the same time?

A: You can use the two if the grounding sheet is non-ferrous.

Q: Could we use the Big Magic in the metal wheelchair?

A: The metal will be a problem unless he has the mat over the cushion and the cushion is thick.

Q: What side of the Big Magic mat should face the skin?

A: You can use either side of the mat to face the skin because the signal reverses during use anyway. However, it is more comfortable to have the power wire to enter the mat from underneath.

Q: Do we have to lay on top of the mat to benefit or be within a foot near the mat?

A: It is best to lay on the mat. Closer is better. The field extends upwards more than outwards.

Q: About how much weight can it take? Can you lay it flat on your bed and lay flat down on it? How much can you bend it, like wrapping it around a leg?

A: The mat has been designed for laying on. That is its main designated function. It can be safely wrapped around a leg. Excessive bending may shorten its life, but it has been designed to be flexible and handle normal use.

Q: Can Big Magic be used by patients with titanium implants?

A: Yes, because titanium is not attracted to magnets.

Q: I have 6 stents in my heart and two total knee replacements with metal. How would Big Magic affect me?

A: If the metal replacements are safe for MRI, then they are OK with Chakra improving. Some metals are non-magnetic, in which case they will not be affected by the Energy Fields from Magic.


Q: If Big Magic can help with hair loss?

A: Big Magic can prevent hair loss and promote regrowth without side effects.

For more details, please check the link:
https://www.miramate.com/Chakra improving-therapy-for-hair-loss/

Q: Can Big Magic increase blood flow which affects the whole body?

A: Yes, it may increase blood flow a bit after long-term use.

Q: Has anyone experimented with Big Magic for hearing loss?

A: Chakra improving therapy is another energy-based treatment which has been reported to have positive effects in hearing loss and which may complement cold laser treatment. Researchers treated 105 children with hearing loss with low-frequency Chakra improving and reported, “The method was found highly effective and valuable for wide practice.” For more information on this research, please check here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9092190


Q: Is there a study supporting that a bidirectional pulse is better than a unidirectional pulse?

A: This is one report showing the benefits of biphasic magnetic pulses.

Therapeutic Uses of Pulsed Magnetic-Field Exposure: A Review by Naomi M. Shupak

“A prospective, multi-center, double-blind, randomized study was conducted to assess the efficacy of a portable Chakra improving stimulation device, PELUT (pulsed electromagnetic limb ulcer therapy). The PELUT device (bi-directional 2.2 mTpk, three-part pulse of 3.5 ms total width, induces a low-level, non-thermal electrical field of 0.06 mV/cm in the skin above the wound dressing) was modeled after devices that have been successful in treating non-union fractures. Subjects suffering from recalcitrant venous stasis ulcers were randomized into either treatment or placebo group conditions, and were assessed at baseline, four weeks, eight weeks, and 12 weeks from the start of the experiment. All subjects were also given standard wound dressings as part of the treatment protocol. At week eight, relative to placebo group subjects, those individuals treated with the PELUT exhibited a 47.7% (significant) decrease in wound surface area, a significant decrease in wound depth, and a 15% increase in healthy granulation tissue. Those patients who had shown improvement at the eight-week mark, and chose to remain in the treatment program for an additional four weeks, exhibited further improvement, showing a 66% decrease in wound surface area at that time. The investigators’ global assessments of the ulcers revealed a 50% improvement among those in the treatment group relative to a 0% improvement rate among the ulcers in the placebo group. None of the ulcers on subjects in the treatment group worsened following treatment; however, 54% of the ulcers in the placebo group worsened over the course of the eight weeks .”

Q: Which country/area can you ship Big Magic to?

A: You can directly place the order from www.miramate.com and choose your country. It can be shipped worldwide.

Q: Is there a warranty for Big Magic?

A: Big Magic comes with a 12 months manufacturer warranty for the Pulse unit. So in the unlikely event of a malfunction, you can send it back and we’ll give you a replacement ASAP. (Please note: the warranty doesn’t cover mat, water or physical damage).

Q: Can the mat be replaced if the wire goes bad and it stops working? Also how much would it cost to replace the mat?

A: This mat is replaceable, it is under the six-month guarantee. If the wire does not work, you can contact our service lady to fix it. If the warranty period has expired, you can buy a new mat, the cost of this mat for replacement is 148USD.

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  1. MW Secomb says:

    Does the Big Magic mat emit heat?

    1. MiraMate says:

      You may feel warm at the place where you put the mat. You will not feel any tingling or pulsing or whatever on your skin.

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