VUV Light Therapy

VUV Light Therapy for Melanoma

VUV Light Therapy for Melanoma

Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer that develops when melanocytes (the cells that give the skin its tan or brown color) start to grow out of control. It’s likely that a combination of environmental and genetic factors may trigger DNA mutations of melanocytes, resulting in melanoma. The causes of melanoma aren’t clear, but some doctors believe exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, especially UVA and UVB from sunlight, commercial tanning lamps and tanning beds, is the leading cause of melanoma.

Factors that may increase the risk of melanoma include fair skin, a history of sunburn, excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, unusual moles, a family history of melanoma, weakened immune system, etc.

Although melanoma is much less common than some other types of skin cancers, it is more dangerous and causes the most deaths. If detected early and treated appropriately, melanoma is highly curable. However, it is very difficult to identify potential melanoma as it usually presents in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Once melanoma has spread deeper into the skin or other parts of the body, it becomes hard to treat and can sometimes even be fatal.

Treatment for early-stage melanoma usually includes surgery to remove the lesion area. If it has grown larger and invaded other tissues, the main treatment options may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy, which are very expensive and usually associated with severe side effects and complications. VUV light therapy, as one of the most advanced technologies, is a safe and non-invasive treatment for melanoma.

How Does VUV Light Therapy Work on Melanoma?

Healthy skin cells normally develop in a controlled and orderly way. In this case, new skin cells push older ones towards the surface of the skin, where older skin cells die and eventually fall off. When some skin cells develop DNA damage, new ones may begin to grow out of control and can eventually form a mass of cancerous cells. Melanoma occurs when something goes wrong in the melanocytes. One way to clear these abnormal melanocytes is with VUV light. The photon energy of VUV light is very high, so it is possible to cope with melanoma effectively and naturally with VUV light therapy. What’s more, VUV photons can set off a chemical reaction and create proper nitric oxide within cells and tissues, thereby killing abnormal melanocytes and inhibiting the overgrowth of new melanocytes.

VUV is regarded as the most suitable UV light to treat melanoma mainly because it will not harm healthy skin cells. Photons of UVA and UVB can penetrate the dead skin cell layers to damage the DNA of normal skin cells, so they are believed to be the main causes of skin cancers. Fortunately, the dead skin on the human body can absorb VUV radiation almost completely. So, VUV light therapy can remove melanoma without harming normal skin cells. According to research, the therapeutic effects and safety of nitric oxide depend on the amounts generated and the local concentrations achieved. VUV is proven to create proper NO, thus killing cancer cells safely and naturally. There are no known side effects and complications associated with VUV light therapy.

Why Choose Flash to Remove Melanoma?

Flash is popular as the most advanced VUV light therapy device on the market. To determine whether Flash can remove melanoma, we took human melanoma cells as biological samples and conducted specific experiments.

These human melanoma cells were divided into 4 groups to find the optimum power level of Flash required to kill them. The control group had no Flash applied, while the other three experimental groups were flashed 10 times at power level 1, power level 3 and power level 5 separately. We used CCK8 to detect the number of living human melanoma cells and used flow cytometry to measure the apoptosis rate of them.

According to our experiment results, up to 90.21% of human melanoma cells died 48 hours after being flashed 10 times at power level 5.

For more details about Flash lab experiment on melanoma, please click the link below:

Apoptosis Rate

“Using my new Flash on an apparent 3mm diameter melanoma that appeared on my left ear destroyed it immediately. Prevented a biopsy and several doctor appointments I suppose.” Robert James said.

Compared with conventional melanoma treatment, Flash is more affordable and economical. We did plenty of researches and focused on reducing development costs without compromising performance. So you can remove melanoma effectively and safely at a relatively low price.

Flash is easy and convenient to use. Simply put on the protection glasses, turn on the device, and flash on your melanoma. There is no need to make an appointment with a dermatologist for treatment. You can add Flash to your daily treatment schedule and enjoy it at home. It is recommended to begin with 10 flashes at power level 5, then add more consecutive flashes gradually.

The sooner melanoma is recognized, the more likely it can be cured. So it is advisable to check your skin regularly, preferably once a month.

Flash is the best gift to help melanoma patients enjoy a better and healthier life. It’s time to get one!

2 thoughts on “VUV Light Therapy for Melanoma

  1. Inga Russo says:

    The melanoma was not specifically pointed out on the skin because it has been metastisized to lung, kidney, liver, groin, possibly brain. Would this work internally?

    1. MiraMate says:

      VUV light therapy is very effective in helping with early-stage melanoma. If it has been metastasized to other body parts, VUV light therapy can’t help. And we are not selling Flash anymore, Ray Gun is our new VUV light therapy device and it’s more helpful. Please feel free to check out:

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