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Understanding PEMF & The Benefits of MiraMate PEMF Mat – Big Magic

This week, Clive de Carle and John White did a live broadcast, mainly introducing PEMF and Big Magic. This live broadcast involved what is PEMF, the benefits of magical PEMF, NASA’s finding on PEMF and what happens when your cells lose their energy. It also told you the unique features of Big Magic and more details of Big Magic, which can make you do the best choice for yourselves.

We have created an Ultimate PEMF Report to provide you with the truth and researches that you need to know before you choose the PEMF Therapy. Also, this guide will help you get the best effect possible using PEMF Therapy.

6 thoughts on “Understanding PEMF & The Benefits of MiraMate PEMF Mat – Big Magic

  1. I found it really annoying trying to hear John’s voice! I had my laptop on full volume and yet still could not hear 90% of what he was saying: this has been commented on on YouTube and I imagine that is why there is a huge microphone in front of him but he does not have it near enough for it to project his voice!
    The other man could be heard easily.

    1. MiraMate says:

      I feel so sorry, Maureen. The microphone was broken and we will fix that as soon as possible.

  2. Elen says:

    I’m posting this before I’ve listened to the video. I’ve had my first experience with the Big Magic last night and the first thing that came to mind was this: “Have you heard about the woman that married her duvet (or doona)? I’m seriously considering it.” It was a great experience of relief from pain and suffering for a long time. And all I could say: God bless John White, Echo and the whole team!!

    1. MiraMate says:

      Thank you for your support! Your experience with Big Magic will inspire many people who suffer from pain like you.

  3. Jasper van der Westhuizen says:

    I have to question/dispute some of the comments made in the video the electrophoretic mobility or zeta potential of the blood is caused by a negative charge not a positive charge.
    Secondly I would like to suggest that you develop a third magic device that combines both PEMF and Cold Laser in one treatment.

    1. MiraMate says:

      Thank you for correcting mistake and we will pass your suggestion to John.

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