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The Secret to Happiness: What Is Your Energy Level?

Let’s start with a quick test.

This is Coco, a stray dog adopted by a billionaire. Her carer spends $10,000 on her every month. She eats the best beef from Argentina and travels by private jet. Even her food bowl has diamonds embedded. What do you think of Coco’s life?

Remember your first reaction, and try to match it with an option below.

1. Shame/guilt: How can I live worse than a dog? What is the meaning of my life?

2. Sorrow/fear: Will I never live as well as that dog?

3. Envy/anger: How can a dog live better than me? If only I could live the life of that dog!

4. Courage: I can live better if I try!

5. Calmness/tolerance: People don’t need to compare themselves with a dog. Dogs can be lucky too.

6. Love/joy: A dog is worth such a happy life. If I have a cute dog like her, I will love it just as much!

7. Enlightenment: All beings are equal. Dogs or humans, we are all parts of the universe.

What is your answer? The answer reflects your current energy level. Option 4 is the turning point when the energy level turns from negative to positive. Options 1 to 3 indicate negative energy that may interfere with your life, and 5 to 7 represent a favorable life state.

If you are at low energy levels, do not worry. There are ways to help you increase it.

Understanding the Significance of Energy Levels

The core of energy levels is resonance, a phenomenon where objects or systems vibrate in harmony. Our energy levels resonate with the frequencies around us, implying that our energetic state attracts the events and people in our lives. Our energy levels depend on our mental and emotional well-being and directly affect our life quality.

According to research, human energy levels include several vibrational states, whose corresponding frequency and attitude are listed below. Courage (200) is the turning point, and only a handful of people could reach enlightenment (700 and more).

Harnessing the Power of Resonance

To enhance your energy levels, it is crucial to harness the power of resonance. Here are some key strategies to consider:

Let go of low-energy elements

This includes negative relationships, unhealthy food choices, and material possessions that drain your energy. Eliminating these low-frequency influences will create space for positive energy to flow.

Surround yourself with high-energy elements

Seek out individuals who radiate positive vibes and inspire you. Engage with uplifting books, music, movies, artwork, crafts, and gentle pets. Additionally, consider incorporating products like Magic Pro and Big Magic, which are designed to enhance energy levels and promote well-being.

Cultivate inner transformation

Focus on personal growth and self-awareness. Practice meditation, mindfulness, and introspection to elevate your energy frequency from within. By consciously shifting your mindset and beliefs, you can create possibilities for higher energy levels and attract positive experiences.

Once you understand the importance of energy levels, you can apply this knowledge to your life and make a positive shift, enhancing your well-being and elevating your frequency. Remember, your energy level determines the experiences and opportunities that come your way. So, harness its power, and embark on a journey towards higher energy levels and a more fulfilling life.

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