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Small but Mighty: How MirMate $3 Program Is Making an Impact in the World

MiraMate aims to help people live joyful and healthy lives, and we know that sharing our love is essential for well-being. Therefore, we have set up a charity program, which gradually became a charity fund. We are extremely appreciative of your previous and ongoing support that allowed us to do what we have done. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to deliver hope and happiness to those in need.

As a result, we bring the recap of our recent charity projects to you. You can see the impact of your donations in this summary. The world is changing for the better because of you.

About Our Global Aid Foundation and the $3 Program

As many of you may know, Global Aid Foundation has been making a tangible difference in the world since its establishment in 2021. By donating $3 from each order, and with the support of our customers, we have changed the lives of so many people and even animals!

Look what we have done in the last three months:

Assistance to Robin and His Grandchildren 

Robin’s son had unfortunately died of liver cirrhosis, leaving 9-year-old Fiona and 8-year-old Finnian behind. Their mother could hardly make a living, so Robin wanted to raise money to help the family, especially the two kids. We noticed his request and decided to donate to them, hoping the family would overcome their difficulty and the children would grow up safely and happily.

Sponsoring 50 Students in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in Central America where half the population still lives in poverty, and 60% of children are malnourished. Schooling is the only hope for these children to escape poverty. However, many are forced to drop out due to the tuition fees.

After working with these children and witnessing their obstacles, Sebastian called us for help. After receiving his request, we decided to donate 500 US dollars per month to help these children continue their education.

Donating Products to Samen Krachtig 

In January 2023, we received a call from Samen Krachtig — an independent non-profit organization that aims to build a self-sufficient and responsible society. When they approached us, we recognized the alignment of our values and were happy to support their mission. We believe our help can empower communities like Samen Krachtig to build a better and more sustainable world. 

Aid for the Disaster-Stricken Areas of Turkey and Syria

On February 6, two strong earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria and caused severe damage to houses and casualties. As soon as we heard the news, we went into action by contacting various public welfare channels. Our supplies successfully reached the disaster-stricken area through the Syrian rescue team funded by New Sunshine Charity Foundation (NSCF). The team purchased urgently needed materials locally and tried to rescue more trapped people. In addition, we bought a lot of essential goods and sent them to the warehouses of the Turkish Embassy and the Syrian Embassy.

Increased Collaboration with the Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund 

The Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund has assisted numerous underprivileged kids in Nepal. To help more children, Alain approached us, and we were very happy to sponsor a 7-year-old girl, Rina, to pay her future school fees and living expenses, hoping she can continue her education and change her destiny. 
You can find more information about the Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund on their page:


MiraMate’s Future Plan

MiraMate strives to bring better health to everyone, and we have indeed helped thousands get rid of pain, inflammation, and sleep problems. Over the years, we have received plenty of positive feedback, which you can view on We promise we will keep our goal in mind and help more people regain health and spread love to every corner of the world. We will keep developing our Global Aid Foundation and $3 Program to assist more needy people.

It is inspiring to see how our community has joined together to make a positive difference in the world. If you want to improve your health naturally or support our charity work, now is the perfect time because we are having a Big Sale, during which you can enjoy up to 16% discount on even kits. And if you intend to make an order, you’d better do it as soon as possible because the Sale will end in 3 days. We look forward to seeing you and working together with you to help those in need in the future.

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