Introducing MiraMate Magic Pro – A Full-Body Analog LFMS Machine

Thank you for your unwavering support of MiraMate over the years. We have always been listening to your voices and striving to innovate to provide better services and products. And now, we want to show you our latest breakthrough, MiraMate Magic Pro, a full-body Analog Low Field Magnetic Stimulation machine.

The Power of Analog

The Magic Pro is a revolutionary device that uses cutting-edge Analog Low Field Magnetic Stimulation technology, which can turn any sound frequencies into Low Field Magnetic Stimulations to help users alleviate all kinds of pain and discomfort. Analog Low Field Magnetic Stimulation is more effective because it is more natural and can better stimulate your innate healing abilities. Whether it is for chronic pain, injuries, or post-operative recovery, the Magic Pro is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a safe and effective tool. Click here to learn more about Analog Low Field Magnetic Stimulation technology.

The Differences between the Three Magics

Compared to our other Low Field Magnetic Stimulation products, Big Magic and Mini Magic, Magic Pro is different in two aspects. Firstly, it covers your entire body, while Big and Mini Magic are more localized. Secondly, it is more flexible and allows users to customize their treatments to their specific needs, while Big and Mini Magic use fixed programs. You can refer to this page to see a more detailed comparison of Mini Magic, Big Magic, and Magic Pro.

Discounts and Gifts for the Release of Magic Pro

To show our appreciation for our loyal customers and celebrate the launch of Magic Pro, we are offering a special promotion during the first month of sales. Customers who purchase Magic Pro during this period will receive a 10% discount and three free gifts. These gifts include a mat protector, a Mindful Audio music player, and a 90-day membership of the Frequency Heals app.

The mat protector is a sheet you put between Magic Pro and the floor to prevent dirt or damage to the mat.

Mindful Audio is a music player that you can connect to Magic Pro via an audio cable. We have pre-installed four specially composed healing frequencies to help you start with Magic Pro more conveniently. These frequencies are for sleep improvement, pain reduction, wound healing, and spiritual awareness.

Frequency Heals app is a mobile application with thousands of healing frequencies. You can connect it to Magic Pro via Bluetooth and let it do the magic. You may select a track from the 10 organized playlists or search for specific ones in our comprehensive database. Alternatively, you can try the Binaural Beats function to create your own frequency.

The Magic Pro will be officially available for purchase on May 8th. We invite you to visit our product page to learn more about this amazing device and to take advantage of our special promotion. Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, pain-free life with the Magic Pro.

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