Do you have any user communities where I can search for help?

MiraMate has diverse community support. Our Facebook group offers a way to meet other MiraMate users and exchange ideas. With the MiraMate LFMS System, rest assured you will never be alone.

  • – This the main website. If you’re new to MiraMate, this is where you can start to understand what it is, what it can do, and how it works.
  • MiraMate Facebook Group – You’ll also find friendly and helpful support here, with a large vibrant community.
  • MiraMate YouTube Channel – Video tutorials, guides, setup instructions, reviews, and user tips and tricks to help you learn quickly.
  • MiraMate Blog – This is a huge repository of articles and answers to questions on all aspects of MiraMate and LFMS therapy. All links are clickable.

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