PEMF Therapy, Varicose Veins

PEMF Therapy for Varicose Veins

Have you noticed prominent veins around your calf, knee, or thigh? Please do not ignore them because they might be the symptoms of varicose veins.

Varicose veins are swollen or enlarged veins, often blue or purple. Normal veins have valves to keep the blood moving towards the heart. However, when these valves do not function properly, blood pools in the vein, causing it to enlarge and form varicose veins.

Varicose veins are common, and it is estimated that they affect approximately 1 in 4 people, especially among people over the age of 50. Also, women tend to suffer more than men.

Symptoms of varicose veins

In the early stages, people with varicose veins often suffer from night cramps, pain, and swelling in the legs and ankles. When left untreated, the condition may worsen over time and lead to complications such as phlebitis, leg ulcers, or even rupture of the veins. Poor blood circulation due to varicose veins can also adversely affect other organs. Improving blood circulation will relieve symptoms and prevent future complications.

Natural ways to relieve and prevent varicose veins

Fortunately, there are various methods you can use to improve and potentially eliminate varicose veins. You may have a try and see for the results.

● Wear compression socks or stockings. Specially designed socks or stockings are used to steadily squeeze your legs with the aim of improving circulation and eliminating the swelling of the veins.
● Avoid long periods of standing or sitting. If you work at a desk,be sure to take regular mini-breaks to walk and stretch when possible.
● Regular exercise. Swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, and stretching are all beneficial as they circulate the blood. Moderate exercise can also help with obesity, one of the risk factors for varicose veins.

How to relieve varicose veins naturally?

Latest technology in the management of varicose veins

Apart from those methods mentioned above, PEMF therapy has also attracted more attention as an advanced alternative therapy.

PEMF therapy is non-invasive, painless, and drug free. It targets the blood circulation to increase cell metabolism and enhance cell regeneration. It also contributes to the neutralization of free radicals. Regular use of PEMF allows the body to rebuild cells consistently, prevent premature aging and restore the natural state of health.

So far, PEMF therapy has helped thousands of patients with varicose veins by reducing pain, cramps, and swelling and preventing long-term complications.

Relieve varicose veins with MiraMate PEMF devices

If you are interested in PEMF therapy and would like to give it a try, we highly recommend MiraMate PEMF Kit. This kit provides you with two powerful PEMF machines, MiraMate Mini Magic and Big Magic, at the same time.

Mini Magic is portable and easy to use. It can effectively relieve acute pain caused by varicose veins by simply placing the coils on the area where you feel pain. Big Magic comes with a comfortable PEMF mat that can be wrapped around your legs. It works by creating powerful magnetic fields around your legs which improve blood circulation and increase oxygen levels. Moreover, the two machines can be used together for better results. Ideally, you can use Mini Magic during the day and Big Magic at night.

“I ordered MiraMate PEMF Kit in hopes that it could help my aching legs. I have stood on my feet for 30 years for a living and my legs have varicose veins and I think that is part of what makes my legs hurt. In fact, it was hard to sleep because of my leg aching. The first night using Big Magic was a blessed relief, I slept through the night and got up without my legs aching. I am a week and a half using it and my legs still get tired after standing all day on them, but they aren’t aching continually like they were. I almost cried when I woke up the from the first night sleeping well and legs feeling better. I have used Mini Magic here and there on my body and it is amazing, because while you don’t feel like anything is coming from unit, after a short bit, you aren’t hurting anymore. I am so so so happy I made this investment for my well-being. Thank you MiraMate!” ——Verified customer: Melisande S.

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